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  1. Clothing for newborns or itnagers. Bright and bright life time that needs the same clothes. Designs that are perfectly used to decorate children's clothing. Lovely designs for kids of all ages. Shirts and bibs, towels and outerwear. Bright projects will please everyone for a long time. You will also find a large selection of projects on our website here Baby embroidery library
  2. Children's designs are widely used for decorating various projects. You can add yakrich paints to clothes. Or embroider a quilt-style baby blanket. Elements of clothing decorated with embroidery will allow your children to determine their things. You can add a name. You will find intrest projects for yourself here Baby embroidery designs
  3. A great gift for the baby. Summer shorts with his beloved hero. Embroidery will make you unique and add joy. It is best to use cut elements to make outwear with embroidery. This will simplify the creation process and save you from mistakes when placing the project on the product. Medium density embroidery when using cotton fabric - you can take non-woven fabric with a density of 40-50 grams per m2. Spongebob machine embroidery designs
  4. It’s a great idea to decorate your son’s new summer pants with machine embroidery with a popular cartoon movie hero. This thing stand out follow others and will be an original birthday present for your child. Sewing on cotton fabric is very simple. This dense fabric is very easy to work with. in our collection you will find a large selection of projects. Spongebob machine embroidery designs
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