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  1. I purchased the design "Minecraft Creeper in the Door". I downloaded the file and tried to load all the versions of the design but none will show on my machine screen. All the other designs I purchased work fine, Please help. I have a Brtother SE-400 with a 4X4 hoop.
  2. I purchased the Minecraft creeper in the door. The 4X4 design is 3.90 X 3.90 which will not work on my Brother SE-400. Can you resize the design to 3.80 X 3.80? This size will work on my machine. Thank you
  3. is it possible that you can resize this embroidery logo with a high of 30mm? http://embroideres.com/embroidery-catalog/logotypes-machine-embroidery-collection/fashion-and-apparel/ralph-lauren-logo-embroidery-design Best Regards
  4. I bought the Blue nose friend Bengal embroidery design from your site, the PDF file shows for personal home use, What does that mean? Can I embroider it on a towel and sell it, and just the file is meant for personal use or does that mean even the embroiderd item is for personal use only? Sorry for bothering, sometimes I’m still getting lost in translation. Regards
  5. Have been trying to purchase Qantas Wallabies embroidery design, can put it into cart but can’t find checkout. What am I doing wrong
  6. How can download this image to use on a shirt that I want to produce.
  7. do you have a embroidery design for toronto agronauts football team Thanks
  8. i would like to have you make me a bob pattern like the Dave modern art machine embroidery design (Size 1: 72 × 100 mm 2.83 × 3.94 Size 2: 83 × 115 mm 3.27 × 4.53\" Size 3: 90 × 125 mm 3.54 × 4.92\" Size 4: 104 × 145 mm 4.09 × 5.71\" Colors 9) and also the \"i\'m with stupid\" movie poster characters, but just the 3 minions no words (sizes: 4x4, 5x7, 6x10) please send me the price so i can pay you if you will do this for me. thank you,
  9. disregard my last message. I\'m an idiot. Found my downloads, the were under the wrong date?
  10. Lego spiderman embroidery design and lego superman embroidery design I use firefox. I need them in ART format. thx
  11. I have clicked on the design, add to cart and nothing happens. Help
  12. Superman Logo embroidery design Question: Can you send me the first version (2.76" x 2.09") of this logo without the black outlines on it?
  13. Most of the embrodiery designs I have are the .xxx format. I need them in the .pes format. Is it possible to have them changed?
  14. Hi! I would like to ask if Genie embroidery design (the blue face) can you make it a little smaller to fit in a 4 x 4. pes hoop. If, So, Please let me know. To buy it and how much would it be? Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you!
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