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    Thank you for this lovely turtle design. I always like reading the comments and find them very helpful.
    Lady Spring and Autumn are very beautiful. I havn't made them yet but I am sure they will be just as good as the other designs I have used. THANK YOU.
  1. Have used this design on a calico shopping bag and the colours blend in nicely. Thank you.
  2. A very happy design. Looks great on shopping bags. Thank you.
    Fantastic design. Stitched out beautifully. The designs from your site are A1.
    I think this is a beautiful cat design. It reminds me of my cat.
    A very amusing design. Looks good on the back of a shirt. Thank you.
  3. I love all quirky cat designs. Thank you.
    A very interesting cat. I have used him on a pullover for myself and the comments are also interesting. Thank you.
    I love all your cat designs. Each one that I have done looks good. thank you.
    A cute design. I have found the designs from this site always look good and stitch out well. Thank you.
    I love all crazy cat designs. Thank you.
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