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  1. Christmas embroidery will brighten your home and will help to create a festive mood for you and your guests, especially if you give them of the gift a fluffy towel with an embroidered Christmas candle. Find this sample here: Christmas Candle free embroidery design.
  2. Soft towel, decorated with Christmas symbols is a good gift for yourself or your family. For this towel as a Christmas symbols, we selected a small candle in a frame of pine twigs. The result was a small but interesting embroidery. Find this sample here: Christmas Candle free embroidery design.
  3. Napkins with Christmas embroidery will perfectly decorate your festive table, and all guests will appreciate your efforts. On our website you can easily find interesting designs of Christmas embroidery. Find these samples here: Christmas Bells free embroidery design, Christmas Heart free embroidery design, Christmas Candle free embroidery design, Christmas Lantern free embroidery design.
  4. Ding-ding-dong, ding-ding-dong, chime of Christmas bells, gives birth to warm and joyful anticipation of the holiday in our souls. Embroidery "Christmas bell" can be made in different colors and on a wide variety of textiles. Find this sample here: Christmas Bells free embroidery design.
  5. Christmas toys, embroidered on napkins will help create a festive atmosphere in your home. Or you can embroider Christmas toys on towels and give to friends and family. Christmas embroidery will look great on any textiles. Find this sample here: Christmas Heart free embroidery design.
  6. Christmas without a holiday candles is not Christmas. Candles can be round, square, monotone or bright, as the holiday itself. Still candles can be embroidered, and then the feeling of celebration will be with you throughout the year. After all, such candles will burn a bright flame from year to year. Find this sample here: Christmas Candle free embroidery design.
  7. Christmas embroidery has incredible warmth. For example, the embroidery "Christmas Lantern" gives rise to thoughts of a warm house where close people are waiting for me, and the light of a lantern illuminates the path to the cute threshold. And what do you think when you look at this embroidery design? Find this sample here: Christmas Lantern free embroidery design.
  8. Machine embroidery is universal. It's not just logos, inscriptions or branding. It's also a flight of fantasy. The main thing - a bright original idea, the rest is a matter of technique. Find this design here: Owl in color free embroidery design.
  9. We will be happy to execute any of your even the most unexpected ideas and execute them in any color scheme. Proof of this can serve as a fun design "Owl in color". Find this design here: Owl in color free embroidery design
  10. Sometimes, even small embroidery makes a thing special, because a person chooses an embroidery design for a reason; he puts a certain meaning into it. And for whom there is a special meaning even in a small cute little mouse. Buy this design here: Cute small mouse free machine embroidery design.
  11. Machine embroidery can improve any textile product, decorate the working form and casual clothes, and refresh familiar and banal things! So, the one-color sweater looks much more interesting with embroidery "Posh kitty". Buy this design here: Posh kitty machine embroidery design.
  12. Birthday is one of the best holidays, full of fun, congratulations and, of course, warming drinks. With the help of machine embroidery it is possible to create cheerful and witty gifts for friends, bright holiday items, stylish souvenirs. Here is an interesting example of embroidery for a birthday. Find this design Drinking cat free machine embroidery design
  13. Embroidery on a towel is a wonderful way to take care of a loved one, to make a simple and necessary thing special, original. With its help it is easy to create a gift that will suit everyone. Buy this design here: Green Bay Packers helmet machine embroidery design.
  14. If you like long walks, then a stylish backpack is a godsend for you. After all, it is roomy, ergonomic and comfortable. And of course, a bit of individuality to your backpack can be added using machine embroidery. As, for example, this backpack immediately shows that its owner is not indifferent to dogs. Find this design here Stylish dachshund embroidery design.
  15. Black panther in the night, embroidered with white thread. Well, is not it original? This beautiful and slightly wild design looks great on the waistcoat, but I think it will look great on other kinds of clothes too. Find this design here: Panther in the night free machine embroidery design.
  16. Active lifestyle is very popular. And even cool weather is not an obstacle for a walk, especially if your wardrobe has a windproof waistcoat. Here's how this cute waistcoat decorated with magnificent embroidery "Panther in the night". We and you can make such embroidery. Find this design Panther in the night free machine embroidery design
  17. How many bags do you have? Someone has one handbag, but it the most beloved one; someone has a lot of handbags- for every set of clothes; and someone has very a lot of handbags - under any mood. One way or another - bags do not happen much. And with all the variety of designs of embroidery, you can easily make an original handbag for any occasion and mood. Find this design here: Stylish dachshund embroidery design.
  18. By the way, machine embroidery is also used when it is necessary to visually hide the small defects of the product. If on your favorite clothes there is any flaw, then it is easy to hide the artistic embroidery on the fabric. Find this design Leopard free machine embroidery design
  19. In order to create a unique stylish interior, use such a service as machine embroidery. With her help you can decorate the kitchen textiles, decorative pillows, bath accessories and much, much more. Find this design Orange horse embroidery design
  20. With the help of machine embroidery it is possible to carry out various appliques. The applique is mainly used to repair children's clothing. For example, using the technique of applique, you can repair worn knees or elbows of clothes, etc. Buy this sample here: Minecraft badge machine embroidery design.
  21. You can use embroidery to repair clothes. Give your favorite clothes a second life - embroidery can close an unpleasant stain or a small hole. Buy this sample here: Minecraft badge machine embroidery design.
  22. The embroidery appeared with the desire human to emphasize individuality in clothing and interior design. There are many varieties of this needlework, but the machine embroidery stands out against the background of others. This you can see in the finished works on our forum. Buy this design here: Mosaic wolf 6 machine embroidery design.
  23. Sometimes it is so difficult to find an inexpensive, but useful gift for co-workers. I want to offer you a good option. A towel with embroidered congratulations is inexpensive, practical, useful and very soft gift. Buy this design Merry X-mas embroidery design
  24. Summer is still in full swing, but the beginning of the next school year is not far off and you need to prepare the children for school. By the way, the embroidery may come in handy in this case, because you can use it to decorate a backpack, case for pen or bag for shoes. Buy this design here: Teddy Bear with lily embroidery design.
  25. If you are in a good mood, when you look at butterflies, then this embroidery design will certainly interest you. This cute butterfly will look good on clothes, accessories or interior items. Find this design Christmas butterfly free machine embroidery design
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