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  1. This bib is an integral part of a small child's wardrobe. Without a bib it is not possible to carefully feed the restless baby. But the bib also has the right to be beautiful; therefore, there is work for machine embroidery. This one is decorated with Bambi I love you! machine embroidery design. There are two pretty bunnies in hugs of each other. This is wonderful sample for decorating of clothing for newborn.
  2. In our experienced hands colored threads stitch by stitch turn into true masterpieces under the name - machine embroidery. We will gladly embroider for you any picture, plot, ornament or pattern, even a zombie. Buy this sample here: Zombie machine embroidery design.
  3. Bath towel with gorgeous Wolverine - the girls will not appreciate, but the boys will be delighted. Machine embroidery design "Wolverine" for the coolest guys. Available here Wolverine embroidery design
  4. Do you know that there is a worldwide day of sleep? Oh, just imagine how pleasant it is to drop a tired head on a soft pillow and enjoy the whole day dreams and rest ... And as you guessed it, the perfect gift for World Sleep Day is a pillow. And the best pillow is a pillow that is decorated with beautiful machine embroidery. Find this design Sea ship free embroidery design
  5. Fabric bags - it is very convenient. Such bag can be used for shopping, going to the beach, city walks. Of course, in the store you can buy a ready-made bag, but the creative people always want something original. This problem is solved by machine embroidery; with embroidery your bag will be unique and unique. Find this design here: French coquette machine embroidery design.
  6. Machine embroidery is a very practical way of transferring an image to a fabric. Thanks to the use of modern equipment and high-quality consumables, the drawing does not lose shape and color during long-term use. This is an undeniable advantage of products with machine embroidery. Buy this design here: Kitten Marie machine embroidery design and Tinkerbell machine embroidery design.
  7. Have you ever thought that the cost of machine embroidery is much lower than the cost of manual work, while the result is surprising with its beauty, elegance and precision? Has not yet appeared the desire to purchase an exclusive thing with machine embroidery? Buy this design Mask embroidery design
  8. When creating a mysterious image is cannot do without a mask. And here, too, machine embroidery can help you. Masks created with the help of embroidery machine, always are light, airy and very elegant. Find this design Mask embroidery design
  9. Embroidery on children's clothes easily converts an ordinary T-shirt into a superhero costume or clothes a favorite fairy-tale character’s. Also the presence on the clothes of the embroidered character from the favorite cartoon immediately puts such clothes to the rank of "the best". Such clothes the child will wear with great pleasure. Buy this design here: Hello Kitty Little Princess machine embroidery design.
  10. In our collection a huge number of samples of machine embroidery, this makes it easy to choose the most suitable option for you to order regardless of what you like. Find this design here: Mexican cat machine embroidery design.
  11. Machine embroidery allows you to apply any drawings, patterns, inscriptions on various products. So, with the help of machine embroidery, this cosmetic bag has acquired individuality. And now this cosmetic bag looks very cool. Find this design here: Mexican cat machine embroidery design.
  12. With the help of machine embroidery, you can not only decorate textiles, but also create works of art. Because such beauty can be called only a work of art. Charming embroidered masks - in it any girl will look delicious. Buy this design Mask embroidery design
  13. Machine embroidery can be done not only on clothes. So, for example, machine embroidery looks great on the cover for a passport. Ordinary covers very often look trite, and embroidery is able to completely transform the appearance of the product, making it completely individual and special. Find this design Panther in the night free machine embroidery design
  14. Masquerade is beautiful scenery, elegant costumes and original masks. Exactly so I suggest you look at what exquisite masks can create machine embroidery. This light and delicate perfection will complement your image and you will look great. Buy this design Mask embroidery design
  15. For a good gift, the motive is not needed. The best gift is a gift just for no reason. The question arises, what else to give, just like that, for no reason? Just so you can give a soft towel with cool embroidery. And that, in my opinion it is a great idea. Buy this sample here: Minecraft Creeper in your door embroidery design.
  16. Do you want to make a gift that will please and come in handy; a gift that will warm and give joy; a gift that will remind of your care and love? Then, a set of bath accessories with individual machine embroidery is what you are looking for. Buy this sample here: Thumper dragonfly embroidery design.
  17. Mask, who are you? A light openwork mask will give you the opportunity to create a halo of mystery around yourself. It is perfect for almost any evening dress. In such an embroidered mask you will be mysterious and gorgeous! Buy this design Mask embroidery design
  18. And again about horses. In this case, the design of the "Horse heart" embroidery turned out to be very gentle. Elegant light embroidery on a dark background is always a winning option. The blue threads along the embroidery contour and in the mane of this sad beauty added special softness to this embroidery. Find this design Horse heart free embroidery design
  19. On our forum you often enough see the design of "Horse heart". This is a calm, but at the same time very interesting design embroidery. In the depiction of the horse you can see the contour of the heart, which allows you to interpret this embroidery as - "love of horses." It seems to me that this embroidery design is more suitable for women. Find this design here: Horse heart free embroidery design.
  20. Now in the stores you can find absolutely all, any thing. But to make the thing exactly YOUR, to fill it individuality, to give it uniqueness - for this you can use machine embroidery. For example, an ordinary bag for shoes. There are millions bags in stores. But if decorate bag with embroidery, you will never confuse such a bag with other bags; you will recognize it always and everywhere, because the other such bag is just no. Find this design here: Horse heart free embroidery design.
  21. Designs with embroidered ships can be used almost everywhere. For example, boys adore ships, so you can bravely use this design to decorate your son's room: curtains or blankets, decorative pillows or towels and much more you can decorate with embroidered ships. Find this design Sea ship free embroidery design
  22. Decorative pillow with embroidered sailboat is a good gift for those who love everything that is connected with the sea. Waves, developing sails - this image few people will leave indifferent. Find this design Sea ship free embroidery design
  23. Embroidery with the image of animals is always in demand. In our collection of designs you will surely find embroidery with your favorite animal. For example, lovers of German sheep-dog will certainly be pleased with this design, because it depicts not a simple, but very stylish sheep-dog. Find this design Stylish german shepherd embroidery design
  24. How often do we forget or do not have time to tell our loved ones important words. And it's very sad. But thanks to such gifts as this our relatives will always feel our love and care, because embroidered words can not erased and will always remind about us. Buy this design here: Teddy Bear with toy machine embroidery design.
  25. Ah, those sad eyes... Well, how can you be angry with this wonderful embroidered kitten? No, it should be cuddled, sorry and give him a new "home" on your T-shirt. Both of you will remain in the win. Find this design here: Nostalgic cat free embroidery design.
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