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  1. I have just finished making her and she is STUNNING. Thank you once again for your designs as she is my 4 th from this set of yours
  2. Free Photo stitch designs and they stitch out BEAUTIFULLY. Very pleased how they have turned out when completed. Thank you for giving us these. Free download here
  3. This took a while to stitch as heavy on stitch count but worth every minute of it. Totally different look compared to normal embroidery. Thank you for giving us these beautiful designs FREE
  4. You can go to top of page of your 6D ....press modify design..click off the tick that is there then adjust to your hoop size in the 2 boxes. I would do a test run BEFORE stitching it onto good fabric first. I altered mine to 360x200 and had no problem with it
    Looking forward to stitching this out as it is so delicate & pretty
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