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  1. I love your embroidery designs and I love that there are so many embroidery thread profiles to chose for each of the designs. I noticed that there is no “Polystar” thread profile. This seems to be a popular thread that is being pushed with the Brother PE770 embroidery machines. Any chance that you’ll be adding that profile to your lineup?
  2. First at all, thank you for getting back to me. I know, that that design wasn’t from you, that’s why I meant sorry. I saw that you have a embroidery design similar to that one, yours have additional stitches in the bear, probably to make him look more fuzzy. And I was looking for one without the fuzzy looking stitches in the bear. That’s why was asking. And since the machine embroidery design I got wasn’t proper digitized I thought it could get fixed, or something.
  3. Can I get embroidery designs I purchase from your site in different sizes?
  4. Do you have plans to digitize the new guy on the Paw Patrol line up?
  5. My account indicates I can download 24 free designs. What are my choices for them and where do I look Is it just the ones that are listed "free" or can I choose from others Thanks
  6. I can not get this pattern to work on my machine at all, none of the sizes are working. Please advise, I have downloaded many patterns and I have not had any issues until now.
  7. I was wondering if the embroidery patterns I want can be put on a disk and mailed to me instead of direct download. Thank you,
  8. I bought some embroidery designs. My order # was 026060 for $12.70. I did not realize that I had to put the free ones on at that time. There are a couple of free ones that I want but they are too big. Can you put them on a 4x4 pes, and can I get them free? The ones I want are Sylvester and Dallas Cowboys logo. Thank you very much.
  9. i just purchased and downloaded a snoopy design but no instructions came with it. Can you please send instructions.
  10. Hello I bought Piston logo embroidery design just a few minutes ago. Name is Kathryn and paid with Visa. Did not see check hoop size and received 4x4. Please resend for 5x7 hoop, Already sent email to the first contact us. Was not sure how long response time is so I am trying this contact us also. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.
  11. Ordered this Monster High embroidery design I need to do for my granddaughter before she gets here tomorrow for our Christmas together and the file keeps saying unexpected file and I need the .pes ASAP everything else I paid for works but that one please please I need this now
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