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  1. I understand. I appreciate what you guys are doing and also appreciate you responding to my concern. Thank you.
  2. This file appears to be one color. Does it really have over 300 trims or am I doing something wrong. Loaded file on Melco EMT16 and it comes in at over 60,000 stitches and 300+ trims. I can run 1,000-1,500 stitches a minute, but the trims are killing me on time. Beautiful design, just don’t understand why all of the trims on a one color.
  3. You have a pic of a full front panel photo stitch wolf on a t shirt. May I ask how you stabilized it specifically. Type of backing, single or multiple layers or types. Spray tack or any other special handling. How heavy is the final presentation? I have been working on a light fashion t and am having hard time not getting push pull distortions and puckering even with med/heavy fusible backing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Really impressed with the idea, but want as light an end result as possible for the combo of high stitch density and light t shirt. Thanks in advance. Running Melco EMT16 and 11 3/4 x 17 hoop. I am really wanting to end with the lightest result that is feasible. I am open to suggestions including slowing speed down to a creep, lightening bobbin/top stitch weights, creative backing combinations, etc. Whatever might have worked for anyone.
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