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  1. Meri Barett Aydin Justina Shyann Lorien Ivree Shane Chase Maurice
  2. Thank you so much for this gift Igor! I honestly love it! I see so many posts in your FB group about designs that are coming soon and never see or hear about them again. The ones I've seen are really lovely but where are they? How long is "coming soon?" I know you often make an extra effort to get the new designs out. Are you the only designer? I can honestly say the quality of your designs is outstanding! You are so generous with so many of your awesome designs. I want you to know they are appreciated so very much! May God bless you and your family for such wonderful gifts! Thank you!!! Meri
  3. Thank you for all the wonderful gift designs. There are many too big for my hoop (6x10) but I save the large ones anyway. We never know when/if we'll upgrade to a machine with larger hoops and if I do, I will already have some designs for the bigger hoop. My old machine had a 4x4 and 5x7 hoop. I upgraded to a Singer xl400 which has a 6x10 inch hoop. I already had many of the correct size designs because I'd saved larger designs. Your designs are awesome and there are some I see I wish were smaller but that is ok. Thank you so much Igor!
  4. Please note this design comes in 2 sizes so make sure to go back and get the second one.
    These designs are beautiful! They appear to be fsl and it looks like there are 3 files for each format. Thank you so much!
    These are so beautiful! I love Lone's designs! She/he does fantastic work!
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