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  1. If I purchase a embroidery design like the one in this link will I be able to view it in my Wilcom Truesizer program embroidery software, as I was looking to purchase a pattern before and was told I needed it in PES for my brother se400 and Emb to be able to view with Wilcom software. Also when I look at the following embroidery design it shows four sizes, does it come with all of them or do I need to choose just one size hoop from this link Miami Dolphins 2013 logo embroidery design
  2. I want to embroider some gumnut babies, disney embroidery designs, loony tunes, bambi & poo bear onto baby quilts to sell & want to know if this allowed please Thanking you
  3. I know how to get design from computer to embroidery machine. Need help with o how I get color print out chart? Thank You please as soon as possible
  4. Hello I sent an email this did not work and I was required to buy another one. I would ask that I get a credit for this please.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a Embroidery logo for Janome 300e. I cant seem to open the file. I have an Apple Mac. Do I need software to open the file.Hear from you soon. Thanks
  6. Hi can you explain how your free designs work. I found a design today....the word princess...it is free but when I go to get it it says that I must reduce my free design I am over the limit. I only have 1 item in the cart. Am I allowed only a few free item a week...or is it just I can not get anymore free items. thanks for your help
  7. Don\'t you have designs sets with your teddy bears designs. I want to purchase teddy bears but it will work out expensive to purchase them separately Thank you
  8. Hi I have downloaded a file Fantastic Butterfly snake skin embroidery and it has given me every file aside from the one i want. I need this in a PDF format. Please help i can not open any of the other formats it has downloaded.
  9. Under normal circumstances Tajima LAN based machines will automatically find the design spooler computer on a network using a technology known as multitasking. In some cases, where there is a large corporate network with a number of switches covering multiple locations, it may be difficult or impossible to use multitasking. Tajima has updated their firmware to allow a user to specify the address of the design spooler. This will allow the embroidery machine to connect with the embroidery design spooler without using multitasking. The attached document from Tajima outlines the process of defining the IP address of the design spooler.
  10. I am trying to "import" designs (saved as dst.) from my monogram wizard plus program. It will open in Tajima, allow me to correct and re-size but will not allow me to save to floppy. Please help!
  11. Just wondering if my payment went through, I went through the whole process with my personal information but than when I submit it through Bluesnap, Bluesnap's website said it cannot connect to the internet. Let me know if it did not go through so I can resubmit my information.
  12. was unable to get this on USB, yet my computer said it was on the thumb drive, but when I put it on the machine it was not there. I have a Janome MC9900 which is 9 months old and I am old and experienced with embroidering.My format is JEF
  13. I cannot get the color charts!!!!! My order is finished and paid for and Ido not know how to go back and get the charts I cannot get into the site again to start all over please just send me the color charts for the Elisa and Ann designs thank you
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