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  1. First try doing photo stitch, fingers crossed! Thank you!
  2. Love this cute border. Would look good on an apron hem!
  3. Perfect design for a handbag. Just love the colours. Thank you!
  4. Got a thing about Christmas trees, just love the pine tree shape. Thank you
  5. I immediately thought of Hardanger when I saw the thick cotton thread.
  6. I've never stitched a photo stitch design before, but I found this scene very appealing. Thank you for the file.....Liz
  7. It is so good that it looks like handsewn embroidery. Can,t wait to sew this one out. Thank you...Liz
  8. Many Thanks! Looking forward to sewing this lovely set out...Liz
  9. Thanks so much. It looks beautiful...Liz
  10. Thank you the frame look is lovely..Liz
  11. Love Napkin Designs! Thank you so much....Liz
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