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  1. I am completely new to the software and digitizing part of the embroidery game. I currently have Tajima Pulse dg/ml software. I have no idea on how to use the software and was wondering if anyone had any tutorial videos that are very basic and for intro beginners so I can go step by step in mastering the software side from start to finish
  2. If anyone has any videos on how to use the software in general that would be awesome Im very familiar with how to operate a machine but nothing in software so if anyone has anything that is for the beginners and step by step so I can figure what all the buttons are and what everything does and how to use it. It would be greatly appreciated because all the videos Ive checked out so far are either irrelevant or steps for people that already have a basic knowledge of the software I have zero hoping someone can help me out thanks guys.
  3. I am currently trying to convert a png file (image online) and convert it over to pof file so I can stitch it out wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could get the ball rolling
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