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  1. It has been a while since I placed an order on your product. I just want to make sure I know what I ordered. How do I track this Superman logo embroidery design if it's on the way over? I feel kind of goofy if I'm not doing what you expected me to do. Since I've been looking at questions and answers of this site. Maybe I misunderstood that this is only for a download for embroidery machines to create the embroidery design? If one could download a design into the embroidery machine for it to create an embroidery, then I had no idea that could work. I just want to be sure you know I ordered it only to receive the product in hand without having to use an embroidery machine to make one. I don't own an embroidery machine, nor do I know anything about what this site is trying to sell. If I do receive Superman embroidery in hand, then how do I track that order number to know where it's being shipped. Well, let me know soon, so I would know what I'm doing with this.
  2. I'm looking at the Oregon Duck logo embroidery design. The duck standing or running through the O. Your offer says.."Two sizes"... where do I indicate what two sizes I want? You offer 6 different sizes. I went to "check out".... I did not see where you indicate the sizes one desires. HELP!
  3. Can you please tell me if it runs out completely IF I was to remove/stop the flowers from sewing out on the design? Ive been searching for the one ibroidery has posted on their site. I have a 10 needle machine and they wont sell it to me. I was told it will not work on anything other than a single needle.
  4. Just wondering if you have any cat designs that are close to theembroidery designs that are on the cushion photo provided please
  5. hi ladies can you please tell me can I get a discount if I bought all the grey teddy bears please
  6. Is it possible to add a golfer theme to you Tatty Teddy collection. If you are able to do that what would be the cost for the design. I found an example on internet Hope to hear from you soon
  7. I am interested in purchasing a embroidery design and saw that you have free designs, but I am not sure how many free embroidery designs I can have.
  8. I purchased some embroidery designs form your library today and in the past and went to download them to my embroidery machine tonight to discover that my Brother PE500 is not being very cooperative. I would really appreciate it if you could resend them to me with the correct size. I need it in the PES format only. I will list the ones that I need immediately below. My order numbers are 72357-26; 64166-27; 60908-18; 57669-29; 63154-33. Someone told me that my embroidery machine has a sewing space of 3.97 x 3.97 or something weird like that. Thank you.
  9. By default, Pulse "bounds" a selection with a box that grows to include all parts of the design(s) currently selected. I recall from training videos (now misplaced) that it is possible to switch that feature off, can anyone offer any pointers on how to do it? Thanks
  10. I so much would like to purchase embroidery designs from you but cant seem to get them please help my granddaughter birthday is coming up soon please please help
  11. Hi! I love your patterns, however the sizes of some of them are not like the ones in the stores. The North face, Polo & Lacoste are much too big. I just purchased The Northf ace & the smallest one is too big. My machine can't even make it small enough through its resizing.
  12. A Query About Embroidery machine also email me with prices and sizes of that you stock at the moment?? Regards
  13. good morning to you. I hope you are well. I happen to see your Liverpool badge embroidery and was very impressed. I was wondering if you are able to do this badging for me with the wordings on an Arsenal jersey? Attached are the pictures. Thanks and Regards
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