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      Attention . If you have any problems with the registration in the community.   11/10/2015

      Attention . If you have any problems with the registration in the community. For new and existing members of our community. Please read post bellow. We have new website for the community free designs. Sign up in over top right ... click on that then click on 'Sign in (Pic #2), fill in your login name (or  e-mail) and password and sign in ...
      Pic #3  shows top right where it gives no indication that you are actually signed in except for the icon below my arrow. Hopefully Igor will clean this area up and make it darker and give better indication that we are actually signed in ... it would also appear that even if you are signed in on the main site, you have to sign in again for the community ... ... however if you tick the right boxes in both you will stay signed in (fingers crossed) Special thanks to Margaret Nelson for help  
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      Add Photos to your Gallery   11/13/2015

      We would like to thank you for choosing OUR embroidery designs for your next project. When you are using our designs in your embroidery or garment embellishment please share your ideas, techniques, projects and photos of your final product with us. You can publish these photos in your personal album on our page here (insert a link on how to set up a personal album) or in the Support page here (How i can publish the photos) if you don’t have one as yet. It is fascinating for other novice users of embroidery to see what is possible to achieve with different embroidery designs and most importantly publishing photos and projects will earn YOU one free bonus design for EACH successfully published photo! Please note that free designs are only available to the paid site customers. Add your photos here.
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      VP4 PFAFF embroidery format   03/30/2016

      For files uploaded after 29.03.2015 added support new machine embroidery format -VP4. This format for new PFAFF embroidery machines and software PREMIER+.

Mary Gordon

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    It looks adorable, looking forward to trying it. :-)
  1. Adorable - kittens and cats are one of my weaknesses. Thank you so much. :-)
    That is so darling - she looks so gentle - I am a sucker for kittens, cats. A little bigger than my stitching capabilities but I'll figure something out. Thank you. :-)
  2. Cute Kitty free embroidery

    I think it is absolutely beautiful - and looks like a size I can use. Good job!
    That is soooooo precious - I may have to try splitting or something (my biggest hoop is (5x7) - but where there is a will, there is a way! Love it. :-)
  3. I think this is adorable - haven't had time to stitch it yet but it is high on my to-do list. :-)
    That is gorgeous. I am new here but assume we need to download several files? I downloaded one for ".pes" that looked like one of several files for the ".pes" and then this "review" screen popped up - I would assume I would need all of the ".pes" files or are there different designations. My largest stitching capability is 5x7. Thank you. I look forward to being "educated" on this.
  4. This design is so darling - looking forward to trying it. I, too, have a 5x7 hoop so will see what I can do. Thank you for these great designs and the chance to try them out. :-) Mary