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  1. You can change a section's embroidery density from the application's option ribbon. Follow these steps: 1. Select the section to which you are going to change the density. Click on the “Select Object” tool and on the section of your interest. Tool “Select Object” 2. On the corresponding ribbon, insert the new density value in the “Density (lines/mm)” cell, and press “Enter”. In the example we changed the density value from 4 to a new value of 6. 3.The section will change the density to the new value inserted. By taking the density value from 4 to 6 you will notice a bigger number of em
  2. Thanks so much for your quick response. I figured it out shortly after I sent the email. I have the charts and look forward to stitching them out..
  3. A big thank you to all at this web site. I am just learning machine embroidery and how to download patterns and I really appreciate the wealth of selection for a beginner like myself to get started with no strings attached.
  4. Introduction "Hoja" showcases a technique used for irregular mix of colors, achieved by overlapping Fill Patterns with different levels of Density and Jagged Edges, and some Running Stitches. With 118 sections and 4 colors, this simple design took a little over an hour to complete. General Design Details We digitized “Hoja” manually, using the 006.bmp file as artwork. We tried to keep the overall size to approximately 90 x 126 mm (3½” wide by 5” tall). To create the leaf veins we basically used Satin Stitch columns and some Running Stitch Paths in color 4 (d
  5. Version Only for Sieera embroide


    Only for sierra embroidery digitizing software
  6. File Name: Leaf free embroidery File Submitter: guyasyou File Submitted: 28 Aug 2014 File Category: Flowers free machine embroidery designs Only for sierra embroidery digitizing software Click here to download this file
  7. Used Sierra Embroidery Office 11.40 embroidery digitizing software. There's a direct way of hiding one or more colors from the working window. Once you disable a color, all the sections that have this color, will be hidden on the working window. This document will show you how to disable one or more colors. Follow these steps: 1. The capture below shows a design that uses four thread colors. The color bar shows that the four colors used have a little white dot inside their corresponding color box. 2. To hide a color, right click over it on the color bar. On the capture below we have hidden
  8. Used Sierra Embroidery Office 11.40 See how to change the type of vector used with just a few clicks. You can choose among the options: "Only Body", "Only Outline", or both. Follow these steps: 1. If you want just the BODY, click on the vector to select it; on the "Vector" ribbon, "Format" group, click on the “Vectors Only Body” tool. 2. If you want just the OUTLINE click on the vector to select it; on the "Vector" ribbon, "Format" group, click on the “Vectors Only Outline” to create just the edge. Click on “Thickness” to enter the desired outline width valu
  9. Used Sierra Embroidery Software version 11. Using the Ruler to measure distances and angles This tool allows measuring the distance, angle and coordinate differences between two points on the work window, no matter what scale you are visualizing a machine embroidery design. Next we will show an example of how to use the measure tool: Load a embroidery design. On the “View” ribbon; “Tools” group, click on the “Measure” tool. The mouse cursor will turn into a little ruler. 1º Click the mouse left button on the first point
  10. Please could you send me the price in south africa rands on a set of Tatty Bear embroidery designs
  11. Harvey Is there anyway the Auto Trace feature can be added back to the tools drop down. I am much more familiar with using the drop downs vs the shortcut keys. I also am not able to use the shortcut "H" key when I am using a complex fill design that has holes. What is the new shortcut for that feature? Really not sure if I am going to convert to the 2010 version. Way too many changes that make my digitizing much more time consuming. Thanks
  12. go to VIEW toolbars sequence view open got to view toolbar properties make sure before you do this you have a shape on your screen and it is selected. make sure you hit the check mark in properties hope this helps.
  13. Hi, I received my order but one of the items I ordered there is not a link to click on to download. order number is 007689 The item is the first on the order - Hello kitty easter embroidery design. All of the other patterns downloaded fine. Please send or refund for it. Thank you!
  14. One issue is the needle but others are keeping the halter still while you embroider. Also the needle penetrations are going to weaken the leather since leather is cut by the needle unlike fabric where the needle separates the fibres when it passes through. What you might want to do is make embroidery onto a fabric that will then be wrapped around the halter and secured by velco. Then the name/embroidery can be changed from halter to halter, bridle to bridle. If you still want to try doing it directly, work the design center out and since the halters are VERY thick leather you might want a tita
  15. Well, i saw that there is a good offer of about 15 designs for 100$ or something like that? I don't remember exactly from last week but it was good. How much do the same embroidery designs at about 30 cm vertically and 60 cm horizontally cost? We are primarily looking to have all the major football clubs logos, and then some more designs. I really liked the designs your website offered, so i would buy a bunch.
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