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  1. I put this bee on a canvas bag it turned out a little to heavy for the canvas and I had problems with the design breaking thread. I used it on a piece of cotton and it worked up fine no problems at all. No thread breaking or problems, so if you use this design put it on a light weight fabric.
  2. I downloaded this design and I took a program and doubled it so that there were two branches and put it on a shopping bag, it came out wonderful. The design is great and I love when I can double or even triple a design into one hoop and get more then one design. As you can see from the picture is came out beautiful. A delight to the eyes in the winter time.
  3. I have one of these cat's and now a picture to put on my shopping bag is great. This stitched out exceptional well. The Design is well thought out, was prepared with great skill and the artistry is exceptional. I wish more designers could capture the true presents of a cat. Each line defines this cat almost to make it appear as it has a soul.
    Design downloaded wonderfully. So far it is stitching out great. The design is well thought out. I love the cut stitches instead of jump stitches. I truly must say that the designs are all exceptional. I do a lot of free stuff as gifts and getting a design like this for free with this kind of quality is seldom seen. Thank you so much for the kindness you have showm.
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