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  1. I hope my Solution & Further trouble shooting helps others that may need help with a similar issue
  2. So as per the excellent suggestions I have gotten from the multiple forums I posted in I tried a few more things & actually found a solutions to my issue. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the wonderful advice of other things I should check. It was invaluable in my troubleshooting process. Solution or not it helped me rule out that possibility & I learn much more about machine SUGGESTION Get a service manual - I found a downloadable service manual for the PE770. What a great suggestion… this manual is well worth the price as it provided me with a wealth of knowledge about my mac
  3. Thanks.. I'll check into that. Its a great sugestion as to a direction to take my troubleshooting. . I just downloaded a service manual so I will go straight to that section to see what my be required to test & reset that. Thank you soooooooo much.
  4. So is there ANYONE that has ANY advice at all? did I not provide enough information? Have I put this in the wrong category? Is there a reason I'm not getting any response at all? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. So I have had my machine for a couple years now & I have always been able to figure out what is wrong & fix the issue any time I have had any problems with my machine. However, at the moment I have an issue I can’t resolve & was hoping you all might have some advice as to what to try next. I will be sure to try to provide as much information as I possibly can in regards to my issue, trouble shooting process & and any information in regurads to a solution should I find one for anyone else who might have the same issue MY MACHINE – Brother PE770 MY ISSUE – In the mi
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