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  1. I hope my Solution & Further trouble shooting helps others that may need help with a similar issue
  2. So as per the excellent suggestions I have gotten from the multiple forums I posted in I tried a few more things & actually found a solutions to my issue. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the wonderful advice of other things I should check. It was invaluable in my troubleshooting process. Solution or not it helped me rule out that possibility & I learn much more about machine SUGGESTION Get a service manual - I found a downloadable service manual for the PE770. What a great suggestion… this manual is well worth the price as it provided me with a wealth of knowledge about my machine with diagrams making the troubleshooting process much easier. SUGGESTION Check Needle bar height (should be between 1.6 - 2.0mm) – I was able to find the recommended needle bar height in the service manual under the “Adjustments” & used jeweler’s digital caliper to make a small test strip with the measurement. I then removed the bottom casing & plate to expose the hook (area the bobbing case sits in) & lowered the needle so I could position the measurement strip behind the needle & see if the space from the top of the eye in the needle & the bottom ridge of the hook matched the 2MM measurement. (Including some pictures for reference) My needle bar height was spot on, so not my issue. However the service manual I got does have instructions for the adjustment procedure if I needed it. SUGGESTION Timing – After checking this, my timing seemed to be just fine. This was an excellent video on how to check it SUGGESTION Remove the face plate & run a test pattern to check thread flow in action. This was a recommendation from a call I made to a repair shop that went out of business. Luckily the cell# was still active & I reached the ex-owners son who had worked on machines for years. After giving him the millage of my machine (which is very high..lol.. I use it A LOT!!!” he suggested it might be something a bit worn away in the upper thread path. He ran me through this process1- thread the top thread with the face plate on & thread needle 2- Remove the face plate. (do not move, touch or adjust your thread, just remove face plate) 3- Set your hoop with test fabric & begin the test design 4- Keep a close eye on the upper thread flow to check for snags, hang-ups or any other odd behavior. OMG…..VIOLA…. I immediately see the thread hung up on a small section of the thread guard piece (the one with the thread pattern step #4 on it. There is a section that with how much I used the machine had developed a worn away groove that the thread was running through that had developed a rough edge... 5- He then had me thread the top thread with the faceplate off to ensure the thread was not hung up & through the proper thread path & run of a test…. SUCCESS… machine is now embroidering beautifully 6- At this point he had me file this down to smooth so that the thread no longer hangs up in this grove created from overuse. 7- Replace the faceplate & re-thread top thread 8- Run a test pattern! WOOOOHOOOO PROBLEM SOLVED & machine is preforming just as it should be and I think even better because I pretty much did a tune up to it going through all the troubleshooting. LOL
  3. Thanks.. I'll check into that. Its a great sugestion as to a direction to take my troubleshooting. . I just downloaded a service manual so I will go straight to that section to see what my be required to test & reset that. Thank you soooooooo much.
  4. So is there ANYONE that has ANY advice at all? did I not provide enough information? Have I put this in the wrong category? Is there a reason I'm not getting any response at all? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. So I have had my machine for a couple years now & I have always been able to figure out what is wrong & fix the issue any time I have had any problems with my machine. However, at the moment I have an issue I can’t resolve & was hoping you all might have some advice as to what to try next. I will be sure to try to provide as much information as I possibly can in regards to my issue, trouble shooting process & and any information in regurads to a solution should I find one for anyone else who might have the same issue MY MACHINE – Brother PE770 MY ISSUE – In the middle of an order I was working on I started having issues with the top thread breaking & all of a sudden BLAM... a broken needle. Now after a bunch of troubleshooting, I can’t seem to get the machine to pick up the bottom (bobbin) thread anymore WHAT I TRIED: 1 – Took a part the top & cleaned out any dust, removed any broken threads, ran a thick piece of heavy weight thread through the thread path to try to remove any excess dust, buildup or thread remnants. 2 – I changed the needle to a brand new one & then tried changing it to a brand new BP needle 3 – I opened up the bottom of the machine & removed bobbin case, cleaned out any dust in the bobbin space, removed any lint build up in the bobbin case itself, I cleaned the bobbin case thread path & re-set the tension a number of times 4 – I tried changing the bobbin thread to a new bobbin (90 weight as recommended for the machine) then tried using a bobbin with 60 weight bobbin thread just in case it might be that. 5 – I switched out my bobbin case for another one (I always keep a new replacement bobbin case in case of emergency) switched it back AT THIS POINT I TURNED OFF THE MACHINE & WALKED AWAY SO I COULD CALM DOWN & NOT THROW MY MACHINE AT THE WALL…LOL. 6 – Upon return, I turned the machine back on & started my troubleshooting process again & went through the above process (1-5) this time oiling up the appropriate areas. Unfortunately there is still no change. I can’t help but feel like there is something basic I’m missing here. I would be very thankful for any other suggestions that I might try to get this puppy up & running again. I have a stack of orders to work on & can’t really afford to send her to the shop to be fixed at the moment.
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