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      Attention . If you have any problems with the registration in the community. For new and existing members of our community. Please read post bellow. We have new website for the community free designs. Sign up in over top right ... click on that then click on 'Sign in (Pic #2), fill in your login name (or  e-mail) and password and sign in ...
      Pic #3  shows top right where it gives no indication that you are actually signed in except for the icon below my arrow. Hopefully Igor will clean this area up and make it darker and give better indication that we are actually signed in ... it would also appear that even if you are signed in on the main site, you have to sign in again for the community ... ... however if you tick the right boxes in both you will stay signed in (fingers crossed) Special thanks to Margaret Nelson for help  
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      Add Photos to your Gallery   11/13/2015

      We would like to thank you for choosing OUR embroidery designs for your next project. When you are using our designs in your embroidery or garment embellishment please share your ideas, techniques, projects and photos of your final product with us. You can publish these photos in your personal album on our page here (insert a link on how to set up a personal album) or in the Support page here (How i can publish the photos) if you don’t have one as yet. It is fascinating for other novice users of embroidery to see what is possible to achieve with different embroidery designs and most importantly publishing photos and projects will earn YOU one free bonus design for EACH successfully published photo! Please note that free designs are only available to the paid site customers. Add your photos here.
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      VP4 PFAFF embroidery format   03/30/2016

      For files uploaded after 29.03.2015 added support new machine embroidery format -VP4. This format for new PFAFF embroidery machines and software PREMIER+.


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  1. Hi Violet This kitty is perfectly adorable. Thank you for sharing it. Is the 5inch size it is the only available size? I have to look at the files and see what I can understand. I am still new to this art, but I love Photo stitch. Thanks for a super design. SheriW
  2. Hi-I have loved this design forever, and today I see that the elephants are almost sculptured into a soft silk satin. I love the way it was done. What size is 16.90 by 13.86'? What do you recommend to stitch the design out on? What stabilizer do you use? I have all sorts of thread all 40 weight emb thread and my bobbin thread can be 60wt. Could you also reccomend a needle to do with your design? Do you replace your needle during embroidery if it is a high density one? I use sharps, mettalics, regular sewing. most of the others are specialized. I havw a Brother Quattro 3 and I also work with PE Design 10 n0w.My max stitch area is about 9x10 or something like that. Will I need to make your design into 2 parts do you think? Are there any areas where the underthreads really start balling up? Thank youm for your help! SheriW
  3. I cannot wait to stitch this out. Thank you.
  4. A clear article well written. Thank you.
  5. Embroidery on a loopy thick towel

    I use Super Solvey is thicker good for this. there are other makers too. "heavy weight water soluble". Ah, another tip I use is I buy very fine tulle, comes in many colors, and put that on top and then Solvy. I love detail so I look hard to bring it out from that towel.
  6. looks like kitty is hacking up a big hair ball ! Now that would be fun to add, a felted hair ball. Funny!
  7. Your work is very mature, simple elegance. brava!
  8. How do you organize your patterns?

    I also do my designs in themes. I printout the design in color with any stitch info ans then into a page protector, then into a looseleaf binder. From tiny steps of Animals, or Plants, they have grown like fungus into Animals Domestic like dogs cats and then a Wildlife theme from ants to zebras. For Plants, I use garden scenes, garden tools, etc, then I use alphabetical botanical names for plants ans flowers. I did separate Trees and Leaves out also. i use my computer to the same category layout. I also agree about adding a note to each file that this design can also be used for planes, or children,etc depending on the content. But I try to keep my designs very simply organized, easy to open with all the info sheets, color charts and my notes about the stitch outs. Its easy to back up which we have a external hd, but I also back up onto usbs. I love my binders filled with pages and pages... of designs I can look at and plan. If I was more adept with the computer or my software PENext-10, I could print out templates, but I quickly scrawl a blob to approximate the shape, but keep the design to the size indicated. Hope some of this helps. I have had to redo this many times before I found a system that makes me happy, and is organized. Look at categories from different emb companies- that helped me also. lol. If they can get it organized, they would be a good pattern to follow. Oh yeah, keep to the individual designs file number and name. just a hint!
  9. Wolf Photostitch

    Thank you.
  10. I don't see tulips so much, so I appreciate this beautiful design a lot
  11. This is wonodeerful! You must love horse, I have two. A big Selle Francaise from France his name is Micky and a buddy mini mini horse for him to play with, his name is Squidgy. Kids named him from Sponge Bob, poor thing. Thank you I am learning now how to split designs. Sheri
  12. In-the-Hoop. Sachet

    Great inspiration:)))
  13. Plans for organizing an ideal embroidery workspace

    I used to make wed gowns with crazy long trains. girls wanted them. I had a sturdy church table , added wood supports up top and then fixed on a 4 x 8 sheet of that shiny wall covering that comes in 4 x 8 pieces. Of course my 56" silks hung over, but that was not a problem. I put the rolls on a roll holder at end of table, wood 2x4's and drilled holes in them to hold the roller stick. boy howdy that fabric would fly down the table. It was a cut table and layout, and pattern creation. My only bad was it was against the wall on the oppposite wall, but I leaned way over and it was fine. I had wooded boards underneath to store long rolls. Threads magazine did include my design in a sewing space utilization. : ))) Now I just pattern make on large dining table, 8 feet by 48". regards SheriW