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  1. Welcome. I don't spend much time here, but I get notifications when there is a post. Digitizing and its software are quite different than other forms of design. Stick with it and ask as many questions as you need to. The more the merrier, and we're ALL still learning.
  2. Magnut; Exceptionally good information, and thank you very much for taking the time. Of course, I have not done a lot of pure test stitching just to test. Who thinks to do that? One issue is that I am doing this for my own amusement. I do not generally intend to do multiples of any given design, and so the "need" to get a design to stitch perfectly for a production run is not there. Yet, the principles you offer still apply, and would certainly be of use if I were to entertain the odd production run of a design. I would certainly prefer to have a design stitch perfectly the first and
  3. Magnut; Let me ask an unrelated related question. One of the more difficult concepts to wrap your noob digitizer's head around is test stitching. With your vast experience, and in contrast to what a design LOOKS LIKE on the screen, how many test stitchouts do you consider normal before a design actually stitches the way it is intended to? ADD - your latest response just came in as I typed. I agree fully with your assessment of Terri (Teresa?... it's been a while). She is great, and completely unable to handle the load she has to deal with. I don't fault her ONE BIT. For what JAI char
  4. Hey; Good on ya! Teresa has been VERY responsive to me, because I have been easy on her. She is the ONLY person at J/USA for tech work, and she is obviously OVERLOADED. She has gotten WILCOM involved in the past, and I have had some minor conversation with them. Frankly, I'm in a State of Grace with the whole thing. It freezes and geeks occasionally, I curse at it, ignore it, reopen it, and soldier on! EDIT - Don't be afraid of CORELDraw. Trust me.... if you can master digitizing software, CORELDraw is a breeze. I mean... the REAL CORELDraw. not whatever they included with V5.
  5. NnnnyaaaaaOK; That's a lot to digest, but..... THANKS!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I have the latest version. I'm running in compatibility mode already. I purge the RECOVER and BACKUP folders semi regularly. All the stuff that Teresa (Janome USA) has suggested. I think I am still running auto fabrics, so I will try fiddling with that. I have never used the COREL functions because, being a long time user of Draw X3, they made absolutely no sense to me, and seemed utterly redundant. I'd be quite glad to delete that modality, frankly. NEVER use it. Teresa has felt that my laptop's lack of over
  6. Thanks Magnut; I have no basis to compare V5 to any other digitizing software, as I've never used any but this. I can only compare it to other programs I've used, like Photoshop, CORELDraw, Solid Edge, and so on. Beyond and apart from the fact that digitizing is a much different environment than any other type of software, I feel the V5 is a strong program. I continue to to feel it is somewhat buggy, but it is powerful enough to create some good stuff. I don't know if Janome is going to continue to support it or not. I keep hearing various rumors that they are looking to or have dropped i
  7. Thanks for the tip, KK; I have been in contact with Janome again, and I think things are moving toward getting Wilcom themselves involved. I think it is quite possible that my computer is not as powerful as it might be to run the software, as suggested by Janome. However, I am not willing to believe that it should be this difficult to get it to run clean. I have posted some recovery files and error messages to Janome and I believe they will be forwarded to Wilcom for review. I will certainly post up anything that comes of this. I continue to use the software successfully, despite all
  8. Hey; I have been using some of the fonts offered by V5, but all of the other fonts already in my computer's font library are also available to me in Digitizer. I have not been very impressed with the fonts included with V5, but you have to look at this topic a bit differently. As much as what you are seeing on your screen really truly looks like stitching, it is FAR from WYSIWYG. The results of a stitchout are often far different than what you are designing, and you will very likely find that many of the fonts you may be used to using in a graphic environment do not at all translate
  9. I have been employing your save-and-click-somewhere technique since yesterday, and I just now disproved it, at least in my case. I just got gonged! I'd like to get hooked up with a software guy at Wilcom!
  10. I very much appreciate the conversation, by the way. It is good to not feel alone, and it is good to bounce ideas around, as solutions occur much more readily. Where's everybody else?
  11. I think you have to factor in the type of embroidery being done. This is solid area stitching with 60-70-80,000 needle strikes, which of course is far more intense than simply popping some letters or a flower on something. Materials are just another problem in this process. I have purchased a fantastic twill patch material from an online supplier, but at $17US for 3.5ft/sq it is not exactly economical. I have been searching for a good alternative, but have not found it yet. This material is a 100% Olefin outdoor upholstery material, and 1/2 the price for 3x more material, but is a bit too
  12. Interesting; I find it odd that we seem to be the only two people in the world - or on this forum - suffering from this?!?! It has been my assumption that it is possible that the exception occurs because my computer is not "fast" enough - at least as "fast" as this software "requires", like a gaming or engineering computer - and that a save required too many decisions/tasks at once for it to handle. Just an assumption, and sort of hinted at by the Janome tech rep, if not outright confirmed. I have never really been able to find a solid pattern to it, like I just did a stitch edit and
  13. Inevitably, when I get the Screen of Death, it quickly thereafter comes with a shut down notice. there have been a few times when I have worked and later discovered this screen behind the work space, but not very often. Janome is tapped out on this, so it will indeed be up to Wilcom to fix their code.
  14. Good to know, and thanks! The software froze & closed about 4 times on me yesterday. Annoying, but as long as it also saves my work for retrieval, I guess I can live with it. there appears to little other choice.
  15. I am impressed with the smooth flow and consistent proportion of your characters, by the way!
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