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    Just right for a T for grandchildren THANKS
  1. Thanks Igor I took my picture stitch the one with cat in the flowers to my group They loved it stitched well you will soon have new members from NZ
  2. I have been having a problem with machine telling me cotton broken when its not so will try some other needles thanks for chart I have the brother VM600D Thanks
  3. Hi Igor, I quite often use 2 layers of the fabric type of wash-away for normal embroidery and damp of with a damp cotton bud around outside edges . I find the finished design does not distort even with a dense design. Thanks for your interesting articles Val
  4. Very nice I have a table cloth ready to go but shifting house kinder took over haven't had a chance to do any embroidery
    Havent checked EOF's yet but will see if they open in Editor I don't have studio Val Nz
    I have made quite a few Of Igor's designs and they stitched out well, I am Back with a new Machine and will stitch this one out soon great for a border.
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