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  1. How can I add a border to an existing logo? I have a logo that is mostly navy color but it will need to sometimes go onto navy apparel so instead of changing the customer's official colors, I'd like to add a border around it (in white). I have Googled to no avail. Thanks in advance for any tips!
  2. I am new to digitizing and have been trying to rework this text for days but cannot get it to sew out any cleaner than this! I am having to sew through 2 layers on the side of this visor so I am not sure if that's what causing it to sew so badly? I don't really have a choice there. Tried 60 and 40 weight thread. Also tried the dog collar recipe in Pulse to see if that would help. I am in a time crunch so couldn't do a whole lot of research before I got here. Thanks in advance!
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