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  1. Hi, i tried to download the Posh Kitty embroidery designand it downloads but it does not show up on my machine. I need .pes and it is a .pes so i am not sure why it is not showing up. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. I have a Baby Lock machine which uses pes embroidery format. You have pes listed for a Brother embroidery machine but will it work on my Baby Lock as well?
  3. I want this des, of the angel an I cant seem to get it,, am I doing something wrong? I keep adding it to my basket an it never shows up... any idea why?? that angel is so beautiful an I want to put it on pillows before my day comes.. I am ill an I am trying to make things for my children an grand children so please let me know how I can get that des.?? thank you so much
  4. I have done wetsuits that were a rubberized 'fabric' and found putting a piece of wax paper under (VERY old trick) provided some lubricant for the needle so it sewed better. If you find things sinking I would suggest solvy or some water soluble topping to hold the stitches out of the fabric.
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