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  1. Question: will this design fit on the Brothers PE150 embroidery machine ?
  2. I would like to purchase 3 of the embroidery designs from the Jake the Pirate line. When I registered, "art." was not an option. However, the Jake embroidery design are available in "art." I'm not sure how to designate this on my order. I chose Brother, pes. when registering as art. was not a choice. Please let me know how to purchase these products so I can get them in Bernina art. format. I have the 3 embroidery designs in my shopping cart.
  3. I apologize. I was reading the date wrong and thinking it was from January order not December. Got logos. Thanks!!
  4. Please help. I ordered yesterday online two logo's one for Cleveland Browns logo embroidery design and another for Ohio State logo embroidery design.The order total was $6.00 USD paid through PayPal (Item# 6743373).I sent you an email yesterday that had the order number. The money has been taken from my account but I do not see the download in my history for me to get the logo's. I need them to create Christmas gifts. Please advise soonest. Regards.
  5. I purchased the design tink5 from you and it is to big for my frame I need to use. I would like to know if it is possible to get a smaller one? About 9x8cm will fit in my frame. Is it possible?
  6. I purchased this "lightening McQueen" but it would not down load, the order number and date is in the email above. Please could you organise for me to have this download. It stated that it was an "unexpected file format"
  7. Hi I ordered the Dora the Explorer embroidery design from you on 2-4-14. I downloaded it and i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or not but it doesn't have the bubbles that are coming out of the mouth and doesn't say what colors of thread i need for it. When i bring it up on my embroidery machine it just shows the fish. Hope you can help me out. Thanks so much
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