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  1. I am sure we are not alone in dealing with this issue. However I didn't see not even one private youtube tutorial (save for the oficial ones sponsored by Janome) on this pricey MBX V5. By contrast, you find countless and mostly clueless videos on cheaper embroidery programs. Those who digitize for a living won't share much for free given the hard work they have put into it, and we are talking years. Another nice piece of work but why these creases on the bottom right hand corner? I feel it's the stabiliser you are using, a tear away if to guess.
  2. John, I think I found a workaround to overcome this sleazy bug. At least it works for me, it's been a week now and "no Screen of Death" whatsoever. Each time after I click "save" I click anywhere on the working space and I laugh at those system error messages. Always do this 2 steps before hitting "export file" and you're set. Save -> Hit Workspace -> Export File . Just like so, it can't be that it works at my end only, so please try this and let me know.
  3. Hi John, if you get that error message just leave it behind your workspace, try to ignore it and keep working. If your screen freezes, then there's not much to do other than restart it all over again. Wilcom has to release a fix for this new MBX version, the sooner, the better.
  4. You can reinstall MBX as many times as you wish on the same computer, I did it at least 4 times on mine, maybe 6. The 3 times rule applies only when you switch machines, not my case yet. Obviously in order to prevent software alienation to a third party.
  5. Very nice piece of work! I was aware of stitch angle tool but I was hoping of something quicker Kind of making stitch angles freeze regardless of what you throw at them, like carving in wood. Well, if I find a way, I'll let you know.
  6. Thanks for the advice and no worries, if I get stuck somewhere you'll be the first asked. I agree MBX V5 has a lot to offer, the only thing I am missing dearly is that I wish I could draw something the same way Solidworks or similar is able to. Maybe the more expensive Wilcom versions are better loaded. As I was writing this, a question came across... How do you keep stitches unchanged when you remove overlaps? Say, a text on top of a letter (which hadto be broke up prior to overlapping, my case - see joined pics). See how the satin stitch changed in the loop above "l", it's the most visible. If you know a quick workaround, that would help me greatly :-) PS: and your name is?
  7. Ok, the 3D satin stitch issue is fixed. I reinstalled MBX V5 after uninstalling my antivirus beforehand. Here's what Wilcom suggests: A System Error occurs when starting Up ES or DS and ES/DS e3 Installation Checklist No issues whatsoever now. Just curious, did you get the video tutorials (17 I think) with the software purchase? Some problems you have encountered are addressed in these tutorials, 8-10 hours of video. The instructor is also selling private online classes.
  8. I have a 24" DELL all in one (actually 2, the second is for web searching, tutorials and so on) and the one I'm working with has an i5 4200 CPU, Geforce 2 GB, and 16 GB of RAM. I tried only the letter "v" under the Thriller font and it won't work either, all other letters are fine. It happens with other fonts too, and it occurs mostly with floral fonts where 3D satin stitches are often partial lost. My guess is that it's a software bug, Wilcom is an extremely powerful and complex tool and such glitches may occur. The only solution I come up with is that I have to re-digitize the letter myself, takes like 3 minutes.
  9. Hi, I read your notes in detail, and I had another issue with MBX V 5.0 . 3D satin stitches are lost to some fonts (Thriller in my case) for no reason, see attached photo. It works with satin stitch, etc. but not with 3D satin. Very weird!
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