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  1. Wonderful, romantic Spring is always in the heart free machine embroidery design The beautiful face of the girl, a pattern of flowing lines - a magnificent decorative element. Embroidery will decorate any thing that seems boring to you. Look at the example of how embroidery has transformed an ordinary jacket. This wonderful pattern is universal. You can embroider it on blankets, bedspreads, pillows, towels, bed linens, curtains. Embroidery will decorate women's clothes - dresses, T-shirts, jackets, bags will acquire an individual style.
  2. Red lips and white skin, quiet disposition, sensuality and temptation ... What do you know about the habits and habits of Japanese geishas who drive men crazy with one meek look? For four centuries, girls in traditional kimono remained the main mystery of Asia. Geisha with Hairpin machine embroidery design Wonderful decorative element. An exquisite image of a Japanese girl brought eastern notes to the interior. Embroider a geisha on a decorative pillow, bedspread, curtains, bath towels. The original embroidery will decorate a terry or silk dressing gown.
  3. Favorite characters of the game embroidered on a T-shirt will please the boys! Choose your favorite character. LEGO Ninjago Green Ninja Lloyd ZX machine embroidery design - Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon - Green Ninja, the only energy master and leader of the Ninja team. He is the son of Garmadon and Misako, the nephew of sensei Wu and grandson of the First Master Krusitsu on his father's line. LEGO Ninjago Jay machine embroidery design- Jay Walker (born Jay Gordon) is the blue Ninja of Lightning, chosen to protect the Green Ninja. Jay was the first ninja to comprehend the Circle and the second who discovered the True Potential. Heroes of lego ninja can be embroidered on T-shirts, backpacks, sportswear. Boys will feel like real heroes of your favorite game!
  4. The housewife Squirrel diligently embroider hearts on a tape. A nice story for decorating the interior. Embroidery Squirrel sewing embroidery design for those who like detailed pictures. The picture very realistically depicts a squirrel in an apron, a very beautiful vintage sewing machine. Also on the picture are many pretty details. All this gives the pattern a special charm. This design will look harmoniously on a special bag for sewing accessories. But this machine embroidery can be placed in a frame and decorate the interior in this way. The unique art in vintage style is charm itself.
  5. A fabulous, amazing owl will decorate clothes or a bag, this Owl in color free embroidery design and placed in a frame like a picture! Owl is wonderful because it is colorful and bright! Look at the photo examples of embroidery. The owl looks equally wonderful on a sweater or blouse, embroidery with an owl on the bag makes the thing special. Turn on your imagination and use your favorite colors for embroidery. You will turn the ordinary thing into an object of admiration. A wise, multi-colored owl will become your favorite.
  6. A charming, slightly sad puppy looks so touching! Chase dog machine embroidery design — is best choice for you/ Just look how pretty the embroidered puppy looks at different things. This embroidery is great for clothes, accessories. Puppy, embroidered on a bag or backpack will become a true talisman! And what a pretty blanket you get with a pattern of embroidered puppies! A puppy with a blue nose is a classic image. But you can embroider it in any color! For example, in pink, he is also good. Look at the embroidered examples Chase dog on different things.
  7. Teddy's bouquet embroidery design is a great picture for embroidery. This embroidery is made in one color. The picture is similar to a graphic drawing. Thanks to this, the embroidery is universal. It can be placed on clothes or a thing of any color. Embroidery in a frame is a pretty gift for the holiday. A teddy bear will please both children and their parents. This cute plot gives positive emotions. Embroider the plot with a teddy bear on any subject - tablecloth, bed linen, towel or clothes.
  8. Meet — it`s Marie. Shi is white Turkish Angora kitten. She is a character from the Aristocats film. Aristocat 1 machine embroidery design Decorate any thing! A nice kitty with lovely eyes and a pink bow will decorate your clothes or clothes and accessories of the child. This cat is beautiful everywhere! Embroider it on a pillow or blanket, on curtains, towels, T-shirts or a handbag! Favorite white cat, loved by girls and their moms! Embroidery will look harmonious on any thing. Look at the examples of this embroidery on various things.
  9. This Superman logo applique machine embroidery design is most popular with boys. However, it is possible, there are girls who want to decorate their clothes with embroidery with a badge of superman. Superman logo to please you and your kids in all aspects! The Superman logo is a universal decoration for sportswear, everyday clothes. It can be placed on bags, baseball caps, T-shirts. The bright red sign of Superman fell in love with all the children of adults! A proven perfect design for sports wear, caps and quilts as well.
  10. A teddy bear with a rattle embroidery design, embroidered on a blanket or pillow for a child is a nice detail. Look at this sweetie! Plush bear cubs always cause positive emotions. This embroidery is especially touching. The Teddy Bear, wrapped in a cozy blanket with a bright rattle, is so touching. Decorate with this embroidery design pillows, blankets, baby clothes! Embroidery on children's things looks charming. It does not spoil from frequent washing.Choose harmonious colors for embroidery. Colors can be bright or pastel.See examples of embroidery in different shades.
  11. Machine embroidery Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design - cute accent on a Bath Towel. Cute teddy bear with a red heart in his paws - on a bath towel. Such embroidery design looks especially attractive. Bear cub can be embroidered on bath towels, pillows, blankets. Embroidery can decorate clothes: a T-shirt or a dress. Machine embroidery on details of clothes, linen, accessories makes things especially charming. Teddy bear - the best choice for decoration for baby accessories. Embroidered bear cub will not fade with time. Embroidered bear cub will not fade with time. Therefore, embroidery is perfect for bath and kitchen towels, bed linen.
  12. Funny and cute Teddy bear in the bathroom machine embroidery design - а nice detail for decorating children's bathing accessories, pajamas, diapers, bed linen. Teddy bear best childhood friend. Embroidery with a bear will make any thing special. You can choose the color of the towel so that it harmonizes with the background of the embroidery. Look at successful examples of embroidery on various things. Choose an option that you like. Turn ordinary things into cute and beloved with embroidery Teddy bear. There is no better solution than embroidery with teddy bears.
  13. Sweet embroidery is an image of a fair-haired , in an apron and with Flower, which she hides behind her back. This picture is embroidered on a purse made of soft pink fabric. This wonderful picture is quite actual in itself. Embroidery, inserted in the frame - will be a wonderful gift, decorate the interior. Accessories for girls with such embroidery design are a wonderful idea! Embroidery can decorate handbags, cosmetic bags, napkins, dresses, aprons, towels, bed linens, bath towel, Tablecloths, Curtains. Cute embroidery of a pretty girl with a bouquet of flowers - will add individuality to any accessory, make it special and unique.
  14. A Kitty Wink embroidery design looks lovely and romantic. Embroidery in the same color as the towel is incredibly cute. A sweet, slightly sad kitten looks romantic. Kitty Wink can decorate not only bath towels, but also clothes (pajamas and nightgowns), bed linen, handkerchiefs, socks, shirts and so on. Embroider bib and give it a future mother. And maybe it will suit newborn with embroidery on the chest and initials. The nature of the kitten suggests embroidery design in pastel colors - pink, blue, lilac. Kitty Wink embroidered on any thing will create a romantic mood.
  15. These glorious Mega Rose embroidery design on a White bath towel are sew beautiful! Illustrated in a timeless elegant style and sewn in vintage colors, this machine embroidery of blooming beauties and flourishing elements is inspired by an era of romance. Delightful flowers will turn ordinary things into exquisite accessories. Embroidery with roses will look great on towels, bed linens, tablecloths, curtains, bedspreads.With the help of embroidery with roses the whole house will turn into a blooming garden. Accessories, decorated with embroidery with roses - a wonderful gift for a birthday, a wedding, the birth of a baby, Christmas.
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