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      Attention . If you have any problems with the registration in the community. For new and existing members of our community. Please read post bellow. We have new website for the community free designs. Sign up in over top right ... click on that then click on 'Sign in (Pic #2), fill in your login name (or  e-mail) and password and sign in ...
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      We would like to thank you for choosing OUR embroidery designs for your next project. When you are using our designs in your embroidery or garment embellishment please share your ideas, techniques, projects and photos of your final product with us. You can publish these photos in your personal album on our page here (insert a link on how to set up a personal album) or in the Support page here (How i can publish the photos) if you don’t have one as yet. It is fascinating for other novice users of embroidery to see what is possible to achieve with different embroidery designs and most importantly publishing photos and projects will earn YOU one free bonus design for EACH successfully published photo! Please note that free designs are only available to the paid site customers. Add your photos here.
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      VP4 PFAFF embroidery format   03/30/2016

      For files uploaded after 29.03.2015 added support new machine embroidery format -VP4. This format for new PFAFF embroidery machines and software PREMIER+.


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  1. There is embroidered terry towel for children. It’s main charm is Circus elephant machine embroidery design. Dense texture of embroidery is suitable for fluffy surface of bath towel. Size of picture chosen by author lets owner use this towel without any problems. Sample is available in four different sizes so you can choose one for you own goals. Image has square format convenient for many accessories and other work pieces.
  2. This picture is close up plan of work piece made on the base of Spaniel free embroidery design. It is the picture of cute little dog looking right at you with its big eyes. The color solution of embroidery sample is chosen perfectly to fit background’s fabric. You may carefully examine all the smallest details of the image of spaniel on this photo. Its technique used different directions of stitches.
  3. There is work piece for kitchen accessory added by Spaniel free embroidery design. It is portrait of beautiful dog with big eyes put its head between paws. Embroidered dog is executed in natural color scheme. Original format of picture is 1:2. Scheme can be used for accessories for children or any person who loves animal. It is very popular and available in different formats. It is quite simple even for beginners.
  4. This is embroidered woman’s bag from natural leather. Its front side is decorated with Cuties kitty and puppy photo stitch embroidery design. There are portraits of two little pets made with big stitches in realistic manner. Fluffy animals are shown on background of splendid pink flowers. Picture is quite big and covers almost all bag’s surface. Embroidery is available in any formats. You may download it free at our web site.
  5. Embroidered backpack anchor one color

    This is the simple and original textile backpack executed in marine style. Its color scheme is based on just two colors. First of them is absolutely black used as the background of the bag’s fabric. The second one is white which was chosen for this backpack’s handles and Anchor one colored embroidery design. It is the romantic and attractive picture which gives the associations with far trips, deep sea and fresh breeze.
  6. Original handmade souvenir made for the birth of cute little girl. The surface of this embroidered cushion is added by all necessary information about this occasion. Here you may find her weight, height, time and date of birth and certainly her beautiful name. The composition is completed with Cute English Cocker Spaniel machine embroidery design. This is the portrait of pretty little do which is very suitable for this work piece.
  7. This is an original waterproof coat made from dotted fabric of extraordinary beautiful color. It has the delicate shade of ash rose. The pockets of this coat are decorated with embroidery samples executed with white thread. One of them is Feather machine embroidery design. It is the elegant embroidery which underlines the interesting cutting and style of this woman’s clothing. Due to this sample the coat got its completed look.
  8. Root man embroidery design

    On this picture you may see the funny embroidery sample on the bright red background of fleece fabric. Root Man embroidery design is the portrait of fantastic character which seems to be looking right at you. It is the face of old man with long beard of tree’s roots. He is wearing the hat with many flowers, plants and mushrooms on its surface. The green color of the hat makes the interesting contrast with intensive red color of fabric.
  9. This picture shows the figure of little dog. It is the symbol of 2018 year by the orient calendar. It can be used as the toy for Christmas tree or any other subject in the home. Dog with heart applique free embroidery design is executed in orange color scheme used for all elements of this sample including the big heart in dog’s paws. The only accent of this embroidery is the blue eyes of the pet.
  10. There is the embroidered figure of little dog executed in appliqué style. Dog with heart applique free embroidery design is the picture of merry friendly pet which is keeping big heart in its paws. The heart’s surface is decorated with interesting floral ornament. The work piece can be used as the nice textile souvenir or toy for decorating Christmas three or other subject. For hanging the dog has the loop at the back.
  11. This is the nice kitchen towel made of traditional waffle fabric. It is decorated with pretty thematic embroidery which seems to fill the kitchen with the aroma of fresh coffee. The sample is executed of with original color scheme of Coffee label free machine embroidery design. It used the beautiful natural colors includes black and some shades of brown. White background of the towel is the nice way to underline the beauty of the sample.
  12. There is the pretty memorable souvenir designed for the birth of little boy. It contains all important information about this great occasion. There are the boy’s weight, height, time and date of birth and certainly his name. Each part of this information is executed with the threads of different colors. The main decoration of the pillow is Fishing near the lighthouse embroidery design. This is the nice sample reminds the sketch on marine theme.
  13. Embroidered bag with eyes of owl

    This is the original bag executed from quilted waterproof fabric of deep grey color with some yellow elements. All these colors perfectly combine with the scheme of Owl photo stitch free embroidery design. This embroidery sample is very original and memorable design which makes the bag unique and stylish accessory. The size of the embroidery is chosen very suitably for this bag: it covers almost all its surface but leaves it convenient.
  14. Embroidered bag with owl's photo

    There is an extraordinary bag which attracts attention right at the first glance. The reason is the big eyes of owl which seem to be looking at you. Owl photo stitch free embroidery design is executed in realistic manner and took almost all surface of the front side of this bag. The color scheme of bag’s body and embroidery sample based on grey and yellow colors perfectly combine with each other.
  15. This is the pretty Teddy bear girl in beautiful summer dress with flower ornament at the bottom part. The close up plan shown on this picture perfectly demonstrates the special technique used for this sample. The bear’s fur on different parts of its body, its dress and shoes are executed with the different directions of stitches. That’s why Cute Teddy girl embroidery design look as well elaborated as it is the cartoon character.