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  1. This stitched out BEAUTIFULLY! So happy with this design. It looks just like our lab. Thank you!
  2. Downloaded. Can't wait to try this file. I a doing projects for a carriage driving (non-profit) club, and it is nice to find pretty files (like this) to use. Thank you.**Update***. This designs stitches out very well. Lovely design, even does well on a nappy hand towel. Experimented with different "non-horse" colors also, and looks great every time.
  3. I love this design. I stitched it out the 1st time on a low nap towel, so it wasn't perfect. Next time, I will stitch it out on something like linen, will use 2 layers of stabilizer, and will frame it. It was 65k+ stitches, 3 broken needles, 2 bobbin spools, and worth every stitch. Thank you very much....It is lovely.
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