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  1. Hello, I have TAJIMA TMFN-1212 and I want to use Network option device on it. Next to the power section is the motherboard I have connector - probably the LAN section (?) In the machine options I also have the option of switching on the network - but I do not have any network output at the monitor. I tried to connect the router to the motherboard (to the connector that is on the screen) but the machine does not connect to the LAN. What is the purpose of this plug, in which currently (by default) a cat 5 patch cabel is connected?
  2. Hello, I have TAJIMA TMFN-1212 and I dont know what kind of port is it (screen) and how to use it? Maybe it's a COM port?
  3. Hello, I have TAJIMA TMFN-1212 and once I had a error, the settings of heads and needles changed. I changed the settings, but every time when I turn on the machine I get a "3D1 Battery Irregular Signal (BAL1), detacted" error after acceptance, the machine is working properly (like on screen). How do I fix this error and remove it so that it does not appear anymore?
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