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  1. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Sizes: 6.60 x 5.04' and 7.33 x 5.59'
  2. View File Green bush free embroidery design Sizes: 6.60 x 5.04' and 7.33 x 5.59' Submitter jdemyers Submitted 11/06/2015 Category Flowers free machine embroidery designs  
  3. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Size: 3.96 x 3.94'
  4. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Size: 3.93 x 5.50'
  5. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus, jef, pes


    Size: 3,88 x 6.91'
  6. I have a singer futura seqs 6700. I am trying to make a keychain. I need the design to be small.
  7. Hello, I just purchased the $7 Cadillac embroidery design.. I didn't realize it was such a large design... I was wondering if there was any way to get the same design from you but quite smaller, around 2 inches... Please let me know. Thank you!
  8. http://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/family/index.jsp?categoryId=4046391 Thats the link just the small Polo logo as on these polo shirts its approx 25mm in height
  9. You have a kelloggs Tony the Tiger embroidery design that is slightly too big for my hoop. My hoop is a 4x4 and I was wondering if that can be reduced in size to fit my brother embroidery machine. Thank you
  10. Afternoon, earlier this year i purchased a set of 10 tatty teddy\'s embroidery from you for US$26.00 and there were 2 other sets of 10 for the same price that i was interested in. I can now not find those to sets. Are they still available and if so how can I get them
  11. Is the Lego mask embroidery design all filled with stitching or applique?
  12. I have made an order, but I can´t pay... I have forgot my paypal login. But now I have a new one.. How can I pay my order, or can I make a new one ??
  13. I bought two items from your website My embroidery machine is a Bernina Artista 630 and I use an older version embroidery software Bernina's design version 5 plus. The software display only the outlines and the machine also would not see the embroidery design directly from its own memory stick. Is it possible to down grade this software to match the older machines or how else can I solve the problem instead of buying a new embroidery machine
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