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  1. Thanks guys! The tension trick worked to improve the stitch. I have the bobbin thread in under the needle and am trying to pull the color from the top thread but all that’s being used is the bobbin thread. Im pretty sure this is a rookie mistake and I’ll see success by getting the top thread appropriately used. Would you be comfortable sharing a picture or video of how your machine looks? I’ve done a ton of searching (YouTube, forums, posts, etc) unsuccessfully and really want to figure it out! Thansk in sdvance.
  2. I’m brand new to this and cannot seem to get the thread to display correctly so hoping this group can help! It does embroider the design, but it seems to be pulling the bobbin thread and not the upper thread. You can see the butterfly design I did tonight. The upper thread is orange and you can see very little of it. Any ideas why why this is happening or how I can fix it?
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