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  1. This problem continues, I frequently (every 10 minutes maybe) get the error message that Dsgnedit.exe has stopped working. does anyone have the answer? Janome dont seem to know.
  2. I have a new pc in order to use my digitizer V5 but the software keeps crashing. I have windows 10 which I know can be problematic but am unsure what I can do about it , in simple terms please! Many thanks
  3. One of my online manuals for the V5 software has a wonderful stitched drawing of man's face (attached) No idea why the image is in one (pc) version of the manual and not another (mac), but the text next to it talks about "designs resembling pencil or charcoal sketches" which can be quickly digitized. I dont think this image looks particularly like charcoal but the instructions tell you to "use the tools to create doodle type drawing effects" but there's no mention about what tools can create these charcoal or pencil sketches. Anyone have any ideas please? I realise its the freehand open line of course but is that all that's required? thanks!
  4. I've signed up to this forum just to thank you two for an interesting and helpful conversation! I will no doubt be asking my own questions soon - I'm working my way through the awful documentation!
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