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  1. So far I have only used Madiera rayon and florianni polyester. I was having trouble with both of them breaking but the florianni was breaking the most. Today I tried all the usual changes including putting a new needle on and for whatever reason it worked beautifully! I finished the project I was on with no more thread breaks and completed the next one without a break the entire project! Hurrah!!! I am looking forward to see what others suggest for all purpose too. I have a Pfaff embroidery machine.
  2. I am new here, and new to machine embroidery. I was just given a pfaff embroidery machine. I am interested in getting software to digitize my own designs but I am not sure which one to get. I have software that can resize designs, but it won't let me import my own designs to digitize them. Can anyone give me some recommendations. I really don't want to spend thousands. Thanks!
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