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  1. Hi Diver361 It has worked as DST, thank you so much I will be able to download other designs now,
  2. Thank you Diver361. I dont have Embird now as I uninstalled it but I will try to download as DST format
  3. I hope that someone can help me please. I have tried numerous times to download the Santa napkin holder. I then seen that I needed to download Embird / Wilcom onto my computer, which I did, But could still not download the file. BUT what has happened today is I have tried to load patterns on my machine to embroider today and it seems that all my files are now a windows file. and my machine obviously is not recognising this. I have uninstalled embird & Wilcom but don't know how to change the files back to whatever they were before, and still no now have the Santa Napkin holder, Please can anyone help me. My machine is Brother Innovis 800e, Thank You Bren Brathing
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