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  1. Amazing all the work you put into this most of all thank-you!
  2. Perfect picture of happiness...love the design and the mother and her precious colt!
    Like wishingwell I think I'll put it on the back of a black sweatshirt for my granddaughter!
    I love your design you must of taken forever to get it just right! Thank-you!
  3. I've got a 340x360 hoop and I'm to try and see if I can do this one using it...the horses are beautiful and it would make a great wall hanging or pillow I haven't decided which! Outstanding job!
  4. Love the addition of the butterfly perfectly captured!
  5. So creative...wasn't sure how they did it until I looked closely at it! Perfect for the Ombre fabric.
  6. You captured this owl perfectly~I love the eye color and the details you put into every stitch~
  7. My daughter wants a design for her friends sweatshirt...I debating on whether she would like this or otherwise~ I love your work and look forward to seeing what you have next in store for us~
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