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  1. I wish these listings would include hoop size or at least design size. Have downloaded so many files I cannot use. Thanks
  2. Do I lay down white fabric over the stabilizer for the embroidery and then before the satin stitch, place batting and backing under the hoop and then run satin stitch to finish?
  3. Love the article - am I missing the link to the actual design? I'd love to try this.
  4. Would LOVE to have this in a smaller version to fit my 5x7 hoop. It is PERFECTLY representing a sentiment I want to express to my niece.
  5. How do I Do this? Are there instructions? Really want to do this, but don't understand how to do it.
    Looks good...haven't stitched it out yet but excited to get to my machine! Thank you for creating in small hoop size!
  6. This is perfect timing for my autumn project. Can't wait to stitch it out.
    Design is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Tried to open in Embrilliance and Truesizer....cannot. Would love to see it offered in pes or dst. 5 stars for the design but 1 star (won't let me do 0) for usability. VERY disappointed. EDITED: Trusizer finally opened and let me EXPORT as a pes file (that's the key) - HOWEVER didn't realize this was a 9" design so cannot use...even if I resize, cannot resize enough because I don't know how to adjust the stitch density.
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