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  1. This is back side of amazing woman’s blouse made of comfortable natural cotton. It has flying loose silhouette and light shade that is very practical for hot weather. Its front side is decorated with amazing floral ornament and same motive is used for embellishing its back side. It is beautiful Flower decoration free embroidery executed in same color scheme.
  2. This is wonderful woman’s blouse made of comfortable natural cotton. Due to its material and light shade it will be best clothing for hot summer day. Furthermore it is stylish element of you wardrobe that is able to attract much attention. This is because of Blue and red flowers free embroidery design used for its decoration. This is beautiful floral ornament in ethnic style.
  3. So beautiful and sews out great. I matched this design with #53
  4. This is a beautiful design and sews out great.
  5. I just did this design. It stitched flawlessly. My grandson changed colors so it would be neon. I think he did a great job! 3 hour stitchout...
  6. This a lovely design. It looks metallic although it’s ordinary gray thread. I tried to upload a photo but it failed.
    I really love this design. There are so many parts to it, I can't wait to get creative!
  7. This is original interior cushion based on contrast color solution. In fact it is very easy in executing. You just need pillowcase made of smooth dark fabric and Cats meet free embroidery design from our collection. Choose light thread for this embroidery sample to make it noticeable on background fabric. You will get very impressive result with light efforts.
    I love this design. Unfortunately it’s too big for my machine so I resized it in my software. It stitched out fast and beautifully.
    I love this owl but there isn't a color guide.... I hate to wing it... (owl joke)
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