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  1. thank you. problem solved. just a small stich outside work area. almost invisible and located right on the edge of space.
  2. please help a little. I don't understand anything anymore. I saved with my editor all formats and extensions from "select macro to use" ...... none is recognized by my embroidery machine. is not recognized either pec or dst. What's wrong? where am I doing wrong??MY computer is to blame or my embroidery machine, BROTHER INNOVIS 90E? how can I tell? Has anyone else been through this? I'm sorry I'm complaining here but I don't know where or who to ask for help. I ask forgiveness for bothering you. thanks for your patience .
  3. Is it new? I have from 2020. is a new version from 2021? Thank you! i have a question,please. none of those options is recognized by the embroidery machine. please help. Thank you!
  4. ((((( Thanks ))))) Gloria, Lexa, Ella, ILEANA Thank you so much...
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