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    What a beautiful design! so cool! thank you to the designer!
    Wow! amazing graphic my kids will love this - specially since a week ago we found a baby kitten all alone in out shed. The kids will love their new T-Shirts with our new kitties name on it thank you so much to the designer
  1. Hello, I have just bought a very expensive machine but I am too afraid to turn it on, too afraid my design is not good enough and I don't want to wreck anything on my first attempt. unlike printing - I fear that just continually trying until I get it right will wreck my machine. My first attempt is a hat, can someone possibly give me some advice just to ease my fear? I am assuming I Don't need pull comp. & need a medium underlay - but I don't understand how to make the underlay match the black hat and still have the color of the design on the front. and for the text - it seems so small and I am scared about the right stitching. I have had the machine 2 weeks, it cost me 15000 and I have many orders but I am just too afraid to proceed. I am hoping someone could motivate me or give me some advice? Thank you to anyone willing to comment or even constructively criticize me Scaredy Cat Choice Environment Hats.dsg
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