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  1. INKSTITCH!! Inkstitch is a free, open-sourced extension to the art software Inkscape. Although it has a bit of a learning curve, it works very well. There are online tutorials and a support forum if you ever get stuck!
  2. I recently got a Brother SE-400 and I love it! I make patches and I managed to make a few before I started to have issues. The original design is below. My first try went like this... (if you can't tell, it's bent like a bowl) This is what it looks like when I flattened it using my fingers... (there's still considerable puckering around the text) Then I tried it again, this time with a lower tension. It started out fine, but by the time it got to the yellow (the third color), it was puckering again. When I tried to do the black, it had puckered so bad the needle was only going down in one
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