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  1. Круто! (как сказала бы моя дочь). )))) Отличная идея!
  2. Hi! may be I can help you? I can try minimize this dezign, because I have the same size hoop. What file format you use? I work with vp3. Attached file has size 183,4 x 148,8 mm (7,22" x 5,86"). tiger2phCExp.vp3
  3. When I see such nice cats I am always smiling.))) Thank you!
  4. It is a beautiful professional work! I didn't know how correctly to do quilt blocks. Thank you very much! I have only one question. Can you share your experience what is the best way to sew quilt blocks together?
  5. I enjoy to see new and new embroiderings with cats. )))) Thank you for my good mood and inspiration. )))
  6. Hello, MJ ! I am almost in the same situation. I started to learn this field when I got for my Birthday a sew-embroidering machine. It was delivered with basic embroidery software and about 100 ready designs. I started with studying this software possibilities and sew transformed and combined embroideries. I started with theory and practice at the same time. It is very convenient to have such a machine at home. You can start it as some hobby and grow your experience. P.S. If you like I can send a link to 6 video basic lessons how to use an embroidering machine.
  7. Super! Thank you for creative idea.
  8. I don't know what file format you need. I have possibility resize it in vp3. Look attachment. africa2Exp.vp3
  9. Nobody has punished me and I do that again. "Black kitty free embroidery design" resized for a hoop 15 x 24 cm format vp3. kitty23x15Exp.vp3
  10. Nobody has punished me and I do that again. "Black kitty free embroidery design" resized for a hoop 15 x 24 cm


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