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    Photos, traveling and discussions about that, interested in different handicrafts, mashinal embroidery, clothes design, visiting galleries, listening music, reading books, culinaria, decoratoin, and so on.

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  1. Thank you very much! This roses are so beautiful. Thank you for this design has only 64000 stitches. I have not too fast machine and embroidery takes long time.
    This design has very high quality and resizing does not reducing it. Thank you!
    Thank you! Nice design and good quality stitching.
    Thank you! It is nice and funny.
  2. This work deserving compliments, especially because it is difficult material to do embroidering.
  3. Thank you! I know how to use it.))))
    It is 5***** design. I like very much oriental thema. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Thank you very much! I have no any experience embroidering on such materials.
  5. Sorry, I did not find a translation into English or Russian the name of this material. I meant the material to strengthen the fabric with a special coating that is glued to the fabric with a hot iron. I know its name in Dutch, but it is not in any dictionaries, including "translate.google.com". It is easier for me to translate from Dutch to Russian, but not always to English. I make so named "reversed applique". It is easy way for decoration and repairing clothes. Maybe, you can explain it easier for members of this forum. P.S. During nearest 1 - 2 weeks I'll make one and place photos at my profile page.
  6. I use this method for making applique. Instead of a monochrome red fabric, I sew theomofliz with a glue side to the right side of the embroidered design. Then I сut small slits in the center on thermofliz, turn applique insaid-out (on right side), carefully straighten it and attach it to the garment, press it with a hot iron. Afterwards, for strength, I sew it around 1 mm from the edge of applique. It is very convenient for making patches on children's clothes.
  7. Every day I find new information at this web site. Thank you very much!
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