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    Photos, traveling and discussions about that, interested in different handicrafts, mashinal embroidery, clothes design, visiting galleries, listening music, reading books, culinaria, decoratoin, and so on.

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  1. Hi! After danloading an embroidery file I change thread brand and color at thread pannel. On top of any jercy, flis and terrykloth I place a a piece water soluble stabiliser for avoiding sinking stitches into fabrick. If I do not that, troubles are unavoidable. I wish you success.
  2. Thank you for this design! I am happy it is not too heavy/bulletproof.
  3. Какой плюшевый! Так хочется потискать этого пушистика. Замечательный дизайн, очень поднимает настроение. Огромное спасибо!
    This is how I imagine the Baskervilles dog. Don't take my words seriously. The design is interesting.
  4. Thank you for this nice design. I like it very much.
  5. Thank you! I like this design. It's possible to be used not only for home decoration but on clothes too, because it is not "bulletproof" in density.
  6. Красота! Спасибо за интересную статью. Я ещё не знакома с этой техникой вышивки. Любопытно, хватит ли у меня терпения на такую работу?
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