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    Photos, traveling and discussions about that, interested in different handicrafts, mashinal embroidery, clothes design, visiting galleries, listening music, reading books, culinaria, decoratoin, and so on.

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  1. Hello! I live in NL and I always bye here embroidery threads from some Dutch and German web-shops. The best shinning threads are "Gutterman Sulky Rayon". "Madeira Rayon" is good quality too, but they have a little bit more "matt" effect than "Sulky Rayon". Try to serch with GOOGLE in Belgium. I am sure you can find. I wish you success!
  2. May I to add text to your design and place it here? I'd like start a new category "Humor", because a lots of ideas I have in my head.
  3. It's so nice design. I like it very much. Thank you!
    So colourful! Thank you!
  4. Thank you! So nice design! I guess reaction of children.
  5. Thank you very much! I am looking forward for April when I can go again to make pictures of blooming fields. P.S. I have resized this design for my biggest hoop 15 x 24 cm. Didn't stitched it yet, but it looks good.
    Nice design! Thank you very much! I wish for everybody happy, healthy and successful 2021 year!
  6. I like science fiction and your designs. Thank you for sharing your designs. I wish for everybody happy, healthy and successful 2021 year!
    Your designs are a new fresh wave at this website. I like most of them. Thank you! I wish for everybody happy, healthy and successful 2021 year!
  7. Thank you for this lovely design. It's time to think about summer. ))
  8. Спасибо! Этот дизайн "двойного назначения" можно использовать для восточного календаря "Год Быка" и для знака Зодиака "Телец".
  9. If you like I can try minimize size for you this design, but it can reduce quality.
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