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  1. Thank you very much! It is some new for me, because I never before made kitchen accessories.
    It's pity that a fuel tank is empty. )))) To Dave W: I had such an experience. Since then, I prefer at least “half full.”)))
    Yes, it is smiling. )))
    5 stars. What else? ))))
  2. Thank you!
  3. Mila Oost

    Smiling Shark 2

    Thank you! Funny one. ))))
  4. Thank you very much for interesting tutorials. One day, I will be brave to share my sewing and decorating experience.
  5. It's strange... My fantasy refuse to work... May be, because today is Sunday? ))) I need to print it out and find some possibilities to combine this design. I do that sometimes. ))) I like this design.
  6. So nice design! I like it so much! Thank you!
  7. Thank you for a nice design and very good sence of humor. )))) .
    Autor has very good sence of humor. ))))
  8. I would advise you first to find out in the nearest shops which brands of embroidery machines they serve so that you don’t have to travel 300 miles for repairs.
  9. Thank you! I have minimized this design 5% and now it fits good to my biggest hoop.
    I think it is good to make applique. Thank you!
  10. I think, it is one of the best sunflowers design. Thank you!
  11. Thank you for a nice design. Resizing for my hoop was successful. Let's see, how stitching goes.
    It is even better than I thought. 5*****. ))) Thank you!
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