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  1. This will be a good version to use on a pillow, or the back of a jacket or shirt for more show. Thanks for creating this. I think it could also be made into a banner to hang with a grouping of Star Trek items or posters. I am not sure how I will use it yet. I will post what I make but it will be a while longer for this one. Thanks again Linda
  2. This is a design created by Dave W. I enlarged it to fit my 7.10" hoop length. It sewed perfectly.
  3. I ran the Live long and Prosper Vulcan lettering design, I just love the way it look.

    I enlarged it a bit to fill my hoop length of 7.10" and sewed it with light gray thread on the bottom of my jeans.

    It looks wonderful, 

    Thanks so much Dave.  



    1. diver361


      Thank you!!

    2. Dave W

      Dave W

      How awesome is that? You did a great job. Much better than having a flower design. I am very grateful you took the time to send me a photo of your finished project.

      Thank you so much it makes me happy to give my designs to people who appreciate them.

      All the best. Dave

  4. I looked at the PDF so I could see the design and it is perfectly matched to the original styles I have seen for the quote, Live long and prosper. I cannot wait to get it onto something. I need to get a new jacket and put it on button hole line down the front, or open the side of a pair of jeans an put it there. Thanks again. Linda
  5. Have you ever made the Vulcan phrase Live long and Prosper, in the Vulcan script? I looked at the ttf available but was not able to figure how it was used for the phrase, probably different method, I have seen it in vinyl stickers in a long line, and the same for tattoos but the three part style would work better for embroidery I think. I am only able to use a font engine to create something like this, no design program.
  6. So nice to have this for the boys, glad someone is doing designs that are so unique. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all your work on these patches, we shall have fun with them.
    This is a very nicely constructed cross stitch design. Thanks for all your work, I know it takes time to do these I have tried myself.
  8. That is a very unique modern flower, looks very nice.
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