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  1. Ha ha lol. I missed that, you are right the measurement should have been in millimetres. It is approximately 8cm square. I had better fix the type error. Have a look at the PDF file that explains all. Lol have fun with the design. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Make sure you have signed up to the website. Then the download link will appear.
  3. Woohoo. I do like this design. More designs for men. Not that I'm saying a lady couldn't wear this, she could. But this one is going on MY t-shirt. Lol lol lol lol.
    This design is cool. Nice and big, so it will fill the front of a t-shirt. Super thanks
    Oh this looks fab my nephew loves Paw Patrol. This one is for him.
  4. Great stuff, many thanks for your designs.

    1. Dave W

      Dave W

      Thank you. Are you the Calder Designs clothes shop?

  5. Lovely design. Very free flowing. Thanks for the design
  6. You're welcome, don't forget to upload a picture of the patch when you sitch it out. I like to see how people use my designs. Cheers Dave
    Very nice. Free flowing design, I like it. Thank you
  7. Veeeeerrrrrrry nice***** I do love bears.
  8. I do like these designs the ships the lions and tigers. Thank you so much for putting these designs out for us all to enjoy.
  9. Please read your personal messages.

  10. That's a strange reply to a topic where there is a picture of a carpet, embroidered. The embroidery is usually done before the rubber backing is attached. And the design has to be digitised for carpet as your material. There are lots material settings in digitising software, it's not really one size fits all. Most people digitise for pure cotton, I do. Note there are settings for towelling, fleece, leather and so on
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