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  1. I use an Elna machine the ex920 Elna is made by Janome so I presume they use the same formatting option. My machine will do a format for a card in a reader or a USB stick. However when I format a card or stick it is formatted fat32 by my computer I don't actually format on the embroidery machine even though I can. Give it a go, you never know. Good luck. Dave. W
  2. In the design settings you can choose to open a machine file as stitches, or as objects. If you select open file as objects. Wilcom software will try to convert as much as it can to objects. It may not convert everything. Then you can change density and so on. Remember though it will not be a grade A emb file because it was converted into an emb when you click save as. It wasn't created in Wilcom. It will be grade C or grade D. You will not be able change the size to any more or less than 10% without running into problems. If a file was created in Wilcom and is grade A, you can res
  3. Yes you can. The .dst file has stop commands for the colour changes. You just need to change the thread to the correct colour as the machine stops for the next change.
  4. Looks a great design. Thanks very much.
  5. Fantastic. Thanks so much for uploading a picture. I like the font on the text as well. I love it when people take the effort to upload images of finished projects, using my embroidery designs. Keep up the great work. All the best. Dave.
  6. Hello all. Sorry for not uploading any designs for a while. I've been unwell nothing serious. I've been making designs for a charity and sewing them to shopping bags I make. Also I've been up cycling denim jeans into bags for the same charity.

    I made myself a pair of curtains for my living room. Cushions to match when I can.

    I might get around to digitising soon. I'm missing it. Not sure what to do though. I'll have a think.

    Thanks for all your reviews and kind comments.

    Take care. All the best to you all. Dave.

    1. Mila Oost

      Mila Oost

      Fine, Dave! I wish you the best and wait your new works. Keep good mood! :)

  7. Vielen Dank für Ihre Kommentare. genießen Sie das Stickmuster.
  8. All the file formats are still there. Sign in to download the files.
  9. Thanks for the comments. Glow in the dark teeth sounds fun.

    Cheers. Dave

  10. That sounds amazing. I would love it if you could upload a picture of the design on your finished item of clothing. I like to see how people use my designs. One person made a quilt out of 15 of my helicopter designs. It was fantastic. Great choice of colours. I am glad it has made someone happy makes my efforts worth while. All the best. Dave
  11. This design looks great. Thank you for uploading it
  12. I have just had a look and all popular formats are there. Make sure you have signed in first before you try to download the design.
  13. Thank you Mila. I haven't done any digitising for some time now. When I have any spare time I've been busy Sewing for a local charity Making shopping bags, totes with embroidery on them so they can sell them to help boost their funds. I will do some more designs, not too sure what to make or when it will be. Any ideas? Cheers Dave.
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