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  1. Hi all.

    I just thought I would do a quick check to see how many times my designs have been downloaded. I was shocked to see that some of my designs are so popular. In total up to this morning  27th April 2020 my designs have been downloaded by you lovely people 16,807 times. All in just 3 months. I might have to open my own web site for my designs lol. No I like to digitise for our embroidery community, giving a little back, for all the free designs I have received.

    Stay safe and stay at home. Wash your hands.

    All the best.



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    2. Tracey Forrest

      Tracey Forrest

      Hi Dave, am I right in seeing you can have a photo and you can make it in to a embroidery file? I would love to ask you if you can do one for me please. And you stay safe also from Australia.


    3. Dave W

      Dave W

      Hello Tracey.

      It is possible to create embroidery from a photo. Unfortunately you need professional software to do this, unfortunately it's not something I have, mine is for the home digitiser, it is Hatch from Wilcom. You may have more luck asking members driver361, test5 or test8. They have uploaded many photo stitch embroidery designs. Wether they have created the designs or not I'm not sure but there is no harm in asking.

      Hope this helps.

      All the best, and stay safe.


    4. Tracey Forrest

      Tracey Forrest

      Thankyou Dave I appreciate your reply. Im new to machine embroidery. I dont understand the concept of making a design from a picture. I will look up the 3 names you suggested. Thankyou

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