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  1. Over the past six months or so I have been learning how to sew embroidery on garments and make patches. The designs I have been using have mostly been free from lovely people who upload them, for all of us for free. I have also been learning to digitise, so now it's my turn to give back to the lovely people of the embroidery Community. Nearly all the designs I have posted, I digitised from royalty free vector graphics with little changes hear and there and some of my own designs. I have uploaded these files for you to use as you please. I give them to you. If by any chance you make any money from my designs, well done that's what it's all about. All I ask is. Please think of giving a small donation of the money you make, to a charity of your choice. Sharing is caring. Thank you and have fun with the designs.:D


    1. Mila Oost

      Mila Oost

      Yes, it is necessary to help others. This is what I do, because I know what difficult situations can arise completely unexpectedly. Last year, my embroidered  poster helped the medical staff to “reach out” to the hospital administration.  Now I plan to make  gifts for some patients. Among them, in the dialysis department there is a girl with autism who loves sharks. :D:D:D

      One day I will make an album with photos of my work on the site of this wonderful community of embroidery fans and write how I managed to help the staff. )))


  2. Hello Cary

    Do you have any of the military files in JEF format?

    Is it possible you could convert them to JEF as I don't know how to convert files.



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