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  1. Lion's look embroidery design; This is the design, but i need smaller design with complete face. Half can be cut, and then it can be MIRROR to left side as well to complete the LION. i need that design into 6.37 x 7.5 inch size. check the attached one....
  2. ok, but in that case; can i make any changes to DST file? as per my requirement.
  3. i do understand when you say higher price. But if you supply the DST, how can i split the design as per my requirement, any suggestions?
  4. if we are talking about the format; do you offer EMB file as well?
  5. ofcourse this one is awesome design. btw did you find the ways to SPIT it? or resize?
  6. I am just a novice, so sorry for this stupid question.. Is there any way to convert DST file into EMB format? without loosing any object properties and stitch information
  7. thanks for the input. yes i do understand that only upto 20-25% can be resized to maintain the quality of stitches. thanks a lot for your quick help.
  8. thanks for reply. 1) Yes, i am well aware about the Disney or Star Wars images, i am really not planning to buy them. 2) About the sizes i have very specific question: i know that you have listed all available sizes; but still i want that design in my size can you do that? such as: Tiger feather embroidery design you have listed this design in 7 different sizes; but i need that in 5.62" wide, can you do that?
  9. hello, i design/manufacture beaded handbags, in those design i want to use few of your embroidery designs. there are few questions, i'd like you to address: 1) When purchased from your website, what copyrights you offer with each purchase? 2) Can i use these designs for my commercial products? 3) What if the desired size is not available? can you also offer the exact size? these are the designs i am thinking about: a) Tiger feather embroidery design b) Small blue car embroidery design c) Fragile rose embroidery design d) Volkswagen Beetle with sunflowers embroidery design looking forward to you.
  10. that's lovely, i have tried it on dupian silk fabric.
  11. ofcourse design is pretty; that face attracted me so much that i have tried it on a piece of dupian silk fabric. Overall this design is perfect, but still few glitches are here: 1) This is not a single color design; when i put .dst file to machine; it's showing two colors. Thank god i have listen to machine and applied 2nd color; otherwise it would have been a complete black patch. 2) Spacing problem especially between lock of hairs. 3) Eyes; at machine resulted as "SOLID black" no white of optical area. i am also attaching the images. btw it was fun watching this on machine.
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