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  1. Hi I\'ve purchased Jack Sparrow embroidery design on pes brother format, order 7884 and it\'s not working I\'m afraid. The other one is fine (Mike) Cheers
  2. Hi guys, i am hoping some one out there can help me out with this problem as it is driving me crazy and i have no idea why this is. ok so this have never happened to me but just recently i have noticed that my lock stitches are sticking out from the satin path / complex fill, when they trim and tie off. i use the basic lock stitching for mainly all lock stitches. example : when i finished off the letter "S" the lock stitch would lock back over the top of the satin path (as it should) then on its final stitch before the trim, it would quickly jump out and across from the letter leaving it
  3. Dear Sir You sent me a email regarding my stating that I had not finalized my payment with PayPal. But on checking it all went through and I have been charged could you please send me a email stating that as I would like to have that for my records and be able to download them correctly. could you please check and advise thank you
  4. I also purchased the Modern Fairy embroidery design 2. The one with white hair and green wings. Can you also resize her for me please? I apologize. I am new to embroidery. I will keep a closer watch over what size I purchase.
  5. Hello Thank you for all the beautiful grey teddies you digitize for us.’ I have attached some more grey teddy pictures and would really like you to please digitize and put more on your website. I embroider with them every day on all my baby and lady things. People keep asking me to make more things with these teddies.
  6. Does anyone use Brother PE-Design Next embroidery digitizing software? What do you like/dislike about it? Where i can download free or trial?
  7. Thank you! I am search more for realistic designs (pets, kitten, dogs, frogs etc) Must be collection of designs -- I have tried a few from another companies and digitizers, but was hoping to find more--Any suggestions???
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