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  1. Hi all!! I just joined this forum today because I am in a bind and am hoping that someone can help me out! My computer, that was specifically for my embroidery machine (Windows XP), crashed last week. I lost all files on my hard drive. Even worse bad news...unbeknownst to me, my backup hard drive had a virus on it and it had been "eating" my files. My IT guy could not recover any of my files from either hard drive. The majority of my embroidery is for sport teams adding numbers to their warmups, bags, etc. The font I used the most was from an even older software version. It was for Melco EDS IV. I had exported the numbers to my Janome software program and had been using them for years. Well...I can still use the Janome software program, but no longer can install the Melco software. Sooo...I can't recreate the numbers. Can anyone send to me (I'll pay for them!!) numbers 1-9 from Melco's Full Block font? I would eternally be in your debt!! I'm attaching an image of what they look like. Thanks in advance! Dee
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