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  1. If you're planning on doing very much machine embroidery you might want to invest in a software program. They're not cheap, Personally, I prefer Embird - it allows you to combine, resize, and split designs as well as add lettering and save designs. It's very user friendly. In fact, I use it more than I do the expensive 4D Software program for my Viking machines. You can download it and use it for one month free. It's more expensive than Embrilliance, though. BuzzEdit v3 might be cheaper, but I just can't stand it personally. Here you can find a comparison. There is also Hatch, that have
  2. As far as I remember, if you get a "COMMUNICATIONS ERROR2" response, then the issue is that you have a communication problem between your Toyota, and your computer. Basically (I believe) that this error is telling you that the machine did not receive information it expected from the computer. "Embroidery Fonts Plus" software uses .DST files... and then "File", "Send To", "Tajima Emb. Machine", and "Via Communication Port".
  3. Hi, Scott! Never worked with particular models, sorry, though I have a Brother PE535 (specs are here), which is quite similar to your option. So what I can say - your option have more in-built designs than mine. The touch screen works great and is responsive to light touches. And if you want to make a custom design - I transfer new designs via a USB stick. In general, it's fine for the beginner, quite user friendly, instructions are clear, and I had no serious issues with it. Though I'd recommend you to have a look at models with bigger hoops - 4x4 is a quite small work-space. Since you'r
  4. Well, I had a PE700 at one time and, generally speaking, it was not quiet at all. Though, sometimes in my case design was way too dense or my needle was dull. So, Cindy, if you can read this - how is it going? Just wondering, is your machine working fine now?
  5. Hi, Joe! I realize this might not apply to your situation but thought I should share it. I had the same error (top thread broken warning) when using my machine at the beginning. Though I checked everything, and my thread was not broken! So I made sure everything was clean and that there's no little pieces of thread were stuck in, etc. In the result it turned out my top thread tension was a little too loose! So I did two things: tightened the tension of the top thread a bit and slowed down a bit. After that, I did not have a problem.
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